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Mar 29, 2023, 9:02:08 PM3/29/23
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Toyota Shows GRIP EV Prototype That Can Turn On A Dime And “Crab Walk”
2023/02/20 ... The four-wheel steering prototype has in-wheel motors and drive-by-wire ... the GRIP prototype, it can rotate all its wheels in the same direction for the so-called in-phase control, which translates into what GMC calls the “Crab Walk” in the new Hummer EV ... driving diagonally ... GRIP can also switch to reverse-phase control and turn the rear wheels in the opposite direction of the front wheels, which allows for really tight turns and ultimately spinning the car around on the spot.
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Lucid EV Price Waring
Lucid Is Getting in on the EV Price Wars
2023/02/09 ... Lucid Motors apparently looked around the room, realized everyone else was cutting EV prices, and decided to do the same thing. The California-based automaker is giving customers who buy certain Air Tourings or Air Grand Tourings a $7,500 “credit.” It’ll match the tax credit given by the U.S. government for some EV purchases, but unlike that one, the money is paid back by Lucid ... the deal only lasts until March 31, so if you want to take advantage of the savings, you better buy your $100,000-plus Lucid Air soon.

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