Volvo XC40 EVs testing 41kW wireless EVSE +

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Mar 19, 2022, 11:45:21 PMMar 19
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Volvo is testing wireless EV charging tech in Sweden
March 3rd, 2022 ... Electric taxis will be able to top up the battery by parking over charging pads ... A small fleet of electric Volvo XC40 Recharge cars will be used as taxis in Gothenburg, Sweden in a three-year pilot. The cars are equipped with a wireless charging system from Momentum Dynamics. Charging pads will be embedded in the ground at two taxi ranks ... the taxis' batteries will automatically topped up ... EV charging at a rate of 41kW ...

Stop being an elitist> Leaf .jp EV
Electric Vehicles Don’t Have To Be Elitist - They Can Erode Social Inequities
Mar 10, 2022 ... I am unapologetically a supporter of electric vehicles (EVs) and have thoroughly enjoyed mine. It has eradicated my gasoline bill, and my home power bill has not significantly changed thanks to my power company’s EV rate. I ride in the toll lanes in Georgia without fees and will claim my tax rebate this season ... Oddly, when I ... shares their enthusiasm for EVs, there is a strange and almost vitriolic reaction from some ... A common narrative is that “everyone cannot afford them” or “stop being an elitist.” I even received one Tweet yesterday saying, “What about the single mothers?” That was interesting since as the son of a Black single mother, I know those struggles all too well. Let’s explore how EVs can actually help erode social inequities ...

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