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Mar 29, 2023, 7:10:40 PMMar 29
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Tesla is going (back) to EV motors with no rare earth elements
2023/03/01 ... Tesla will create a permanent magnet electric vehicle motor with zero rare earth elements in it ... Rare earth elements are a bone of contention in EV supply chains, as it can be hard to secure supplies of them, and a large majority of worldwide production is either sourced or processed in China ... The rare earth elements in an EV are used in electric car motors ... most used is Neodymium, which is used in powerful magnets for ... electric motors. Dysprosium, Terbium and Praesodymium are commonly used as additives in Neodymium magnets ... rare earth elements are not used in every type of electric car motor – Tesla uses them in DC permanent magnet motors but not in its AC induction motors.

Tesla owes its SuperEVSE network success to Rebecca Tunnici
Tesla Owes Its Supercharging Success to This Woman
2023/03/04 ... Tesla charging has grown and been very successful - and a big part of that is this woman ... Rebecca Tunnici, the Senior Directory of charging at Tesla ... Tesla opened up their network on a global basis to other vehicles. 50% of Tesla Superchargers in Europe are open to other vehicles. Asia Specific just opened up their first sites in Australia. North America and the U.S. just opened their first sites to other vehicles. Tesla is building their generation 4 Superchargers, and these have longer cables in order to reach the vehicle. Tesla's Supercharger network has introduced the "magic dock", a CCS adapter that is hidden in a box that the normal Tesla plug is inserted into. For Tesla owners charging, they won't know the difference, but for a non Tesla EV, the CCS adapter will come out already plugged into the Tesla plug. It's a genius piece of engineering ...

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