ice lawnmower costs more 2run than an EV> running on beer cans +

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Oct 9, 2021, 12:21:04 PM10/9/21
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Running on beer cans – the low operating costs of an electric car
September 23, 2021 ... Costs more to run my lawnmower than my car –  I had to fill up a 10L tank for my lawn mower the other day, cost me $15.23. I got paid my quarterly power credit of $7 about a week ago, which includes all my car charging apart for some public charging of around $2. I did approximately 8000kms in that time. It’s sobering to think it costs me more to run my lawn mower than my EV ...

Retail EVSE instalation challenges
Retailers Face Challenges Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers
September 22, 2021 ... Retail fuel outlets such as truck stops and gas stations say they are seriously weighing investment in electric vehicle chargers, but face such challenges as customer “range anxiety,” high utility charges for electricity and political policy uncertainties ... Retailers and charge providers are clearly hoping to receive assistance from federal and state grants to begin building out a charging infrastructure ...

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