More e-Mustang EVs made than ice-ones> chip-shortage +

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Jun 7, 2021, 1:44:29 AM6/7/21
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Ford has made more electric Mustangs than gas-powered ones this year, due to the global chip shortage
2021/06/04 ... Production of the gas version was suspended in May due to the worldwide shortage of semiconductors ...

nmc Ariya EV release delayed> chip-crunch

Nissan delays release of flagship electric car amid chip crunch
2021/06/04 ... Nissan Motor Co. is pushing back the release of its flagship Ariya electric vehicle, highlighting the struggle automakers everywhere are facing in trying to launch new cars amid a persisting shortage of semiconductors ...

Auto Industry Production Wilts Under Pressure From Chip Shortages ... 
Jun 1, 2021 ... 

 ... Drought in Taiwan triggers Aussie chip crisis
Jun 1, 2021 ... 

Why Taiwan’s drought means you can’t have a new smart TV
May 30, 2021 Singapore: The chips that drive your smartphones, laptops and cars need water - lots of water ... 1000 times purer than regular water ... is used to cleanse these technical marvels of any impurities before they land in your Tesla, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy ...

Taiwan drought threatens water supply to major semiconductor fabs
19th May 2021 ...

tropical storm reprieve

Videos show flooding in Taipei due to Tropical Storm, plum rains
Streets of Taipei inundated with water as Choi-wan and plum rains team up
2021/06/04 ... 

Tropical Storm Choi-wan weakens into depression near south Taiwan
2021/06/04 ... June 7 meeting to decide on water rationing in central Taiwan

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