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Nov 28, 2022, 3:17:25 AM11/28/22
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GM Says Its Dealers Have Fixed Over 11,000 Tesla EVs Since 2021
2022/11/17 ... Servicing Tesla vehicles is certainly unexpected but it’s easy to see the benefit for both sides. General Motors gets a stream of revenue and income that it wasn’t planning on. From the customer standpoint, they’re not having to wait on what can be lengthy turnaround times for service through Tesla itself ...
Some General Motors Dealers Are Repairing Tesla Cars
2022/11/19 ... General Motors president Mark Reuss told investors this week that GM dealers have serviced more than 11,000 Teslas ... Detroit would never admit it, but there is a lot of bad feeling about car dealers out there, which is why many refer to them derisively as “stealerships.” ...
General Motors Repairs Tesla EVs As Part Of New, Growing Business
2022/11/18 ... The Big Three automaker has started repairing Tesla's EVs at its dealerships, and the business is growing ... General Motors is now servicing Tesla's vehicles at its dealerships, and the automaker actually sees it as a growing business. The new business for the Big Three automaker may not only help Tesla owners by providing more convenient repair options, but also get GM's dealers ready for a future of repairing EVs ...
GM Says It's Serviced Over 11,000 Teslas Since 2021
2022/11/18 ... General Motors ... it's found a new stream of revenue stemming from its dealership arm: fixing Tesla EVs. Speaking at an investor day for the company, President Mark Reuss told analysts and investors GM has fixed over 11,000 of the Tesla-branded electric vehicles since 2021 ... “That’s a growing business for us, ... it’s a new business.” ...
GM Dealers Have Been Quietly Repairing Teslas For Over a Year
2022/11/18 ...

Tesla machine-to-machine cellular data service> (in EV)
Tesla applies for machine-to-machine cellular data service in its electric cars
2022/11/07 ... Tesla has applied to offer telecommunication services in Canada, including “machine-to-machine cellular data service” in its electric cars ... there have been indications that Tesla could take the level of connectivity in its vehicles to a new level ... Tesla noted that it plans to offer “machine-to-machine cellular data in-vehicle ...

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