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Jun 22, 2021, 1:20:27 AM6/22/21
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Can I chip my e-bike and is it legal?
2021-06-16 ... We explore the rules, regulations and ramifications of chipping your electric bike to bypass its speed limiter ... Chipping an e-bike means removing the pedal assistance limit. Most e-bikes have a motor that assists up to a certain speed – a 250w motor that assists up to 25km/h, for example, is the limit that ensures e-bikes are considered bicycles in the eyes of the law within the UK and the European Union, however in the US, different e-bike classes come with different restrictions and legislation depends on the state you are in ... 

Gbp25k LEC Classic Mini Electric .uk Conversions

London Electric Cars Offers Affordable Classic Mini Electric Conversion
June 14, 2021 ... LEC offers is a £25,000 electric conversion, excluding the cost of the actual Mini itself. So you have to source your own classic Mini and LEC will then convert the entire car over to an electric powertrain. For that £25,000 starting price, you get a very small 20 kWh battery pack and a 107 horsepower electric motor from a first-gen Nissan Leaf

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