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Jun 28, 2021, 10:55:47 PM6/28/21
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Did California Tell Residents Not To Charge Electric Cars Due to Power Shortage?
22 June 2021 ... record high temperatures persisted in the western U.S., so did social media rumors ... CA ... advised residents to ... conserve energy across the power grid ... urged Californians to charge their electric vehicles in advance of peak power demand hours. A misconstrued version ... on social media ... suggesting that there wasn’t enough power available to charge electric cars ... California did not tell “everyone” not to charge their electric cars ... residents were asked to charge their cars at a time other than when the energy supply was limited ... 

We’re charging our EVs at peak times and must get smarter, says Origin
JUNE 23, 2021 ... smart charging is essential to ensure the grid can support rapid growth in EV ownership ... residental EV owners were behaving in an savvy manner. Of the 70 residential EV owners covered, nearly 90 per cent had rooftop solar, and they wanted to use it to charge their vehicles. As the blue-shaded aread in the chart below shows, there are three charging peaks in the day: one in the middle of the day, one at 5pm ... in the afternoon, & one at around 10pm ... at night ... 

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