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Mar 20, 2022, 1:20:55 PMMar 20
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California pilot program turns GM's EVs into roving battery packs
March 8, 2022 ... The pilot program ... is ... birectional charging technology ... power can both flow from the grid to a vehicle (G2V charging) and from a vehicle back to the grid (V2G), allowing the vehicle to act as an on-demand power source ...
GM plans to test using electric vehicles as a power backup for homes
MAR 08, 2022 ... General Motors and Pacific Gas & Electric are planning to test the use of electric vehicles as a backup power source for homes ...

EVs save$ > rising gas price$ stoke EV demand
'It's saving us a lot on gas': Demand for electric vehicles increases as gas prices rise
March 4, 2022 ... now the technology has come a long way and the cars more usable for your average user. And gas prices are enormous, so the demand is huge compared to what it was before." ... 'WE BOUGHT ANOTHER'  One Waterloo man purchased a second electric vehicle after seeing the price of gas increase ...

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