spotted> modified vw id-3 R&D mule, could be the ID.Golf EV +

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Mar 29, 2023, 9:17:54 PM3/29/23
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Shrunken ID.3 Mule Spotted Hiding VW’s Upcoming Baby EV
2023/02/20 ... Production model is rumored to get the ID.Golf moniker, with a concept reportedly coming next month ... VW’s upcoming supermini-sized EV made its first spy appearance, with our spies spotting an early development mule. The new hatchback hides under a modified ID.3 body ... the latest reports suggest it could bear the ID.Golf moniker ...

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How Close Are The Most Sustainable Car Brands To Achieve Net Zero by 2050?
2023/02/11 ... Many car companies have set goals to reduce both emissions from vehicles and their own environmental impact, but only a handful are making real progress towards becoming environmentally friendly car makers ... there are plenty of sustainable car brands producing electric vehicles and doing other innovative things to create more eco-friendly cars ...  looking to switch to an electric car, or you’re simply wondering “are electric cars carbon neutral?”, here are some quick facts and figures about some of the most sustainable car brands ...

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