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Nov 28, 2021, 9:59:23 PM11/28/21
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'It's not a parking spot': Electric car owner's rant about infuriating act
19 November 2021 ... people who hog electric charging stations for cars ... "EV charging bays are NOT parking spaces for EVs,"
"It’s called etiquette." ... "... EV owner please don't do this," ... video, showing a rainy carpark in Caddens, Western Sydney ... with only a third of a battery to find ... "This car is plugged in and at 100 per cent and I have no idea where the owner is so now I've got to wait," ... "It's an EV charging spot, not an EV parking spot ... "He's still ... using the charger that I need, two hours later" ... video flash

$7.5B EVSE plan> Lots of slower,cheaper L2 EVSE are on the way
Biden’s $7.5 billion EV charging plan will require a lot of patience
Nov 16, 2021 ... Not only will it simply take a while to build out that many chargers, but the majority of what gets built will likely be of the “Level 2” variety, which can replenish about 25 miles of battery capacity per hour ... The infrastructure bill does allow for funding to go to new DC Fast charging stations ... Level 2 chargers are far cheaper to build and install, meaning the administration can get more of them for the same amount of money. Level 2 chargers only cost a few thousand dollars to get in the ground, while faster chargers can be 50 to 100 times as expensive ...
Black leaders in Washington tout benefits of Biden’s infrastructure law for Black America
Nov 17, 2021 ... EXCLUSIVE: “It makes a difference when you are in the room and you have a seat at the table,” said Congressional Black Caucus Chair Joyce Beatty ... flash video

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