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Buick Is Toast: 2023 Starts off Bad
2023/02/27 ... here in the U.S., it’s like a tire with a leak, slowly deflating its sales ... So what’s GM doing with the brand? ... the company has seen sales fall off a cliff by almost 50% ... Within the GM major-domo stewardship of Buick, diminishing returns means Buick’s days marketed in the U.S. are coming to an end. It’s truly unfortunate, but the auto industry is going through massive reorganization in light of the EV revolution. Buick will be its latest victim ...

fmc sez .cn battery plant in .us is not a tax payer sucker punch

Ford rebuts criticism of proposed EV battery plant: ‘A big step in expanding the U.S. EV battery industry.’
2023/02/28 ... most of what they assert about the new electric-vehicle battery factory Ford plans to build in the United States is wrong ...

GWM seeks partners for EV production in Brazil
2023/02/28 ... The Brazil division of Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors (GWM) is looking to nationalize parts for its upcoming hybrid and electric models, a move which could make the brand more attractive to the local market. GWM is looking for local partners interested in producing semiconductors, batteries and other complex electronic items for locally produced models. It is currently negotiating with potential suppliers in Brazil capable of meeting the start of its production of some 100,000 units per year, scheduled for the second half of 2024 ...

.cn EV market-is-slowing

The dominant Chinese electric car market is slowing
2023/02/28 ... After strong electric vehicle (EV) sales in 2022, the Chinese car market is facing a setback in growth in 2023. But this doesn't mean an end to the green transition. We expect the number of zero-emission cars to surpass conventional internal combustion engine cars by 2030 ...

.cn -made mg Comet EV for .in market

MG revealed “Comet EV” new Electric Car for India
2023/03/02 ... a recent spy incident with MG Air was out, the company is now cautious and they have revealed the name of its new hatchback electric car. It is called “Comet EV” and can be made available in the market around mid-2023 with an expected price of around Rs. 10 Lakhs ...

GM-Wuling Baojun Yep .cn EV

Baojun Yep Electric SUV Leaked, Is It China's Coolest Mini EV Yet?
2023/02/22 ... The tiny EV built by the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in April before launching in China in May ... It's called the Baojun Yep (its Chinese name is YueYe) ...

 search: Who imports Russian energy ... china, india, pakistan, iran, saudi arabia, uae, venezuela, bulgaria ... are financing
or aiding putin's war ...

H2 is leak prone> understand h2's climate-impact

We need new tech to understand hydrogen’s climate impact
2023/03/04 ...  we need to know how much hydrogen escapes into the atmosphere along its value chain, from production to distribution to storage and end use. That’s because hydrogen is a tiny, leak-prone molecule that triggers powerful warming effects, a problem that most people thinking about hydrogen have overlooked. And the technology that can help us quantify hydrogen emissions is just now being developed and demonstrated. Aerodyne Research Inc. in collaboration with EDF is unveiling a new instrument that for the first time allows for the quantification of hydrogen emissions across the value chain ...

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