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Jul 14, 2021, 4:46:47 PM7/14/21
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All The Arguments Battery-Electric Vehicle Bashers Make About BEVs Polluting More Are Wrong
2021/07/07 ... Wrong: Battery manufacturing is dirty. Key note: People claiming this are using old and/or inflated numbers ... Wrong: Battery lifetime in BEV is like the lifetime in cellphones ... Wrong: Electricity from the grid is dirty and stays that way ... Some “studies” use dieselgate test methods for ICE cars ... Some “studies” compare well-to-wheel emissions of electricity with pump-to-wheel emissions for gasoline ... These “studies” don’t account for the influence of the complete system becoming cleaner ...

19 EV Things You'll Want to Know

Why Should I Care about EVs? and 19 Other Things You Want to Know about Electric Vehicles
JUL 7, 2021 ... It will take a shifting mindset for traditional car enthusiasts to learn to love EVs ... After driving 11 electric cars for three weeks, we realized that EVs require a certain recalibration of what qualifies as fun. Which doesn't mean the new fun isn't as good as the old. Accelerating onto the highway with all of that immediate torque at your foot is a blast. Stopping to charge for a half-hour every now and then on a road trip lessens the pressure to just power through to your destination ...

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