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Jul 20, 2021, 6:35:23 PM7/20/21
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EVgo acquires company behind popular PlugShare EV charging app, we ask some questions
Jul. 14th 2021 ... EVgo announced today the acquisition of Recargo, a company ... behind PlugShare, a very popular EV charging app and website used for finding charging locations across networks and homes ... PlugShare has become the go-to app for electric car owners looking to find charging stations. It is ... the Yelp of EV charging. About seven out of 10 EV owners in the US have downloaded the PlugShare app. The company also developed a payment system for EV charging ... with Plugshare now no longer being a neutral party, other charging networks are less likely to share data which is unfortunate ...

fmc patent charges EV while towed
EVs could be charged when towed: Ford patent suggests some creative uses
July 16, 2021 ... Ford patent for charging EVs when towed ...  describes how an EV can be charged while being towed behind another vehicle. That could be a commercial truck, or even another passenger car ... Vehicles could be charged at all times, or when the tow vehicle is braking or going downhill, putting less extra load on the engine while adding the benefit of regenerative braking ...

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