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Nov 28, 2021, 9:15:44 PM11/28/21
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GM backs electric boat startup in $150 million deal
Nov 22, 2021 ... The automaker is looking to make waves in a new segment ... General Motors has taken a 25 percent stake in Pure Watercraft, a Seattle-based startup that makes electric outboard motors and batteries for boats, CNBC reports. The deal is worth $150 million, though that’s split between cash and payment-in-kind contributions from GM. The two companies didn’t tell CNBC what that split will look like, but GM “will become a supplier of components to Pure Watercraft, a co-developer of new products, and will provide engineering, design and manufacturing expertise to help [Pure Watercraft] establish new factories,” ...
GM takes a stake in electric boating start-up Pure Watercraft
2021-11-22 ... Pure Watercraft motors use lithium ion batteries and replace 40- to 50-horsepower outboard motors that burn gas or diesel. Traditional fuel-powered boats contribute to environmental problems including noise pollution, smog, and water pollution that is plainly visible floating on the water in their wake. Pure’s systems are much quieter and cleaner ...
GM Goes Zero Emissions Boating
Novenber 22, 2021 ... General Motors announced today it has acquired a 25 percent ownership stake in Pure Watercraft, a Seattle-based company that specializes in creating all-electric boating solutions. The collaboration between GM and Pure Watercraft advances a shared vision to promote sustainability through an expansion of zero-emissions mobility for future generations and reflects the holistic approach necessary for widespread EV adoption ...
The EV Boat Company That GM Just Bought Into Looks Pretty Promising
Novenber 23, 2021 ... The $150 million stake in Pure Watercraft has GM unexpectedly entering an emerging market ...  The company is now accepting deposits on an electric outboard motors system that includes one or two batteries and a throttle control box. It is also offering boats from a number of manufacturers with the system preinstalled ...,f_auto,g_center,pg_1,q_60,w_965/22aed818430e03e917ce00dfbf7c7bb6.jpg

Cny165k/Us$26k 2022 Chevy Menlo .cn EV
Updated 2022 Chevy Menlo EV Gets Increased Driving Range In China
Nov 24, 2021 ... updated 2022 Chevy Menlo EV hits the Chinese market with major powertrain upgrades, increasing the vehicle’s all-electric range to 518 km or 322 mile ... available throughout Chevrolet’s official dealer network in China ... a starting price of 164,900 CNY, equivalent to $25,800 USD ...

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