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Oct 9, 2021, 12:38:50 PM10/9/21
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Domino’s unveils all-electric vehicle for deliveries
Sep. 29, 2021 ... GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Domino’s Pizza unveiled its first electric vehicle in Gulfport Wednesday. RPM consists of 176 stores across five states, and franchise owner Glenn Mueller said his delivery drivers travel hundreds of miles a day from each of those stores. They’re now teaming up with Mississippi Power to make their fleets more efficient and safer on the environment. “As Domino’s Pizza’s grow, we want to constantly innovate,” Mueller said. “And so this is another innovation, we think, and we’re so blessed to have Mississippi Power Company here to help us. We’re excited about it.” ...
Mississippi Power and RPM Pizza showcase new electric cars
September 29, 2021 ... Mississippi Power and RPM Pizza unveiled a new electric vehicle charging station at the Domino’s Pizza in downtown Gulfport ...

Domino’s Spark pizza delivery EV
Domino’s Electric Delivery Vehicle Has Pizza Heater, Space For Sauce, Drinks
October 26, 2015 ... Domino’s Chevy Spark EV-based delivery vehicle has several fit-for purpose features like space for sauce and drinks in the passenger’s seat area ...  the EV will be sent to Domino’s places in major US cities ...  will be serviced by GM dealers ... it also illuminates the path next to it with the simple Domino’s logo ...
Domino's DXP, A Chevy Spark No More, Revolutionizes Pizza Delivery
Mar 28, 2016 ... Domino's Pizza has found the next level in pizza delivery by customizing their own car and turning it into a vehicle outfitted specifically for pizza delivery ... you a VIP tour of Domino's new ride ...
Domino's launches autonomous pizza delivery with self-driving robot car
April 13, 2021 ... Domino's and startup Nuro are launching an autonomous pizza-delivery service in Houston this week. Certain customers will have the option to get their pizza delivered by the Nuro R2 self-driving delivery vehicle. The self-driving option is only available to customers who place a prepaid order through Domino's website on certain days and times from the pizza chain's Woodland Heights location, according to a press release. Customers who opt for robotic delivery will get text messages to track the vehicle, and a PIN to retrieve their pizza from its built-in storage boxes ...

Dax food order delivery e-robot nev
Coronado Restaurants Welcome “Dax” To Deliver Orders To Residents
Aug 2, 2021 ... Dax is inspired by robots from science fiction such as R2D2 and as Burleson and Irvine describe, looks like a cross between Pixar characters WALL-E and EVE. “Other delivery robots, they look like rolling ice chests – which is perfectly fine, a rolling ice chest is nice and efficient,” Burleson began ... Coronadans can keep an eye out for Dax in the coming weeks and begin to request Dax during the pilot program through orders in August. Currently two local restaurants will be involved during this phase; Clayton’s Bakery & Bistro and Mexican Takeout. Burleson and Irvine hope to be able to involve more restaurants in the community in the coming months and create a community hub, adding to the crew of Daxbots to meet Coronado restaurant’s and resident’s needs ...

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