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Mar 29, 2023, 9:24:11 PMMar 29
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Why The 2024 Toyota Tacoma EV Is The Pickup Truck Worth Waiting For
2023/03/04 ... The only real criticism levered at the current Tacoma is that its infotainment system feels a bit outdated. The new EV version should fix that, and provide a big change to the exterior design too. If the looks are anything to go by from the concept, it should be a much fresher looking truck too. Perhaps Toyota’s most famous pickup is the ever reliable Hilux. A truck that is another hugely dependable and rugged one. So the new Tacoma EV will certainly have the pedigree of a long range of rugged and reliable trucks.

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7 Ways Electric Pickup Trucks Beat ICE Pickups
2023/02/08 ... EV pickup trucks have ICE pickups beat in so many ways ... Smarter Packaging and Storage  nstant Torque  Low Center of Gravity  No Need to Visit the Gas Station  On-Board Power ... flash video

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