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Jul 7, 2021, 1:39:39 AM7/7/21
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Tesla owner claims EV saved his pregnant girlfriend and son
29 Jun 2021 ... The Tesla Model 3 ... accident with a Jeep Wrangler ... the driver of Jeep Wrangler was in a drunk state ... was driving on a rainy night when a Jeep Wrangler came straight from the opposite towards them. However, he quickly steered away to avoid a head-on collision but the damage was still severe ... they came out of the electric vehicle, they found that they all sustained minor injuries and were safe ...

Tesla sued> idle-fee reduces non-charging EVSE space use

A Tesla owner sued Elon Musk's EV giant, claiming it broke its promise of free Supercharging for life by introducing 'idle fees' at charging stations
Jul 1, 2021 ... A Tesla owner said Tesla broke its promise to give early customers free lifetime Supercharger access ... Tesla adds a fee when fully charged cars are left at Supercharger charging stations ... The owner, who filed a class-action lawsuit on June 24, had refused to pay these "idle fees." ... fees for drivers who left their cars at Superchargers after the vehicles had finished charging. These US "idle fees" are $0.50 a minute, or $1 a minute when the station is at full capacity ...

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