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Oct 9, 2021, 4:57:13 PM10/9/21
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Tesla Cybertruck’s strange door handles boggle EV fans’ minds in recent sighting
October 2, 2021 ... It did not take long before viewers of the videos noticed that the Cybertruck in the short clips did not seem to have door handles at all. Unlike previous sightings of the truck that featured clear outlines of retractable door handles, these new videos seemed to show doors that were just flat sheets of metal. Speculations about whether the Cybertruck in the clips had no door handles quickly followed ... Tesla could tease some new videos of the Cybertruck’s final production version soon, which would, just like these recent sightings, likely catch the interest of the electric vehicle community to a substantial degree ...

EV perks> .ru keeping up with the Scandinavian Joneses
Russia ramps up plans for electric cars with toll-free roads, other perks
September 29, 2021 ... Electric car drivers in Russia will get a new and rare perk in 2022 – free access to toll roads as part of a government experiment designed to probe the popularity of emissions-free private transport, according to local media reports ... Russia’s electric car market continues to experience exponential growth, though the number of EVs on Russian roads is dwarfed by numbers seen in neighboring Scandinavia ... 657 new electric cars were sold in 2020, nearly doubling the figure sold in 2019 ...

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