Cheaper2 Tesla-3 Charge @Home> $uperEVSE convenience$ =$9/gal

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Jan 17, 2021, 9:59:59 PM1/17/21
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Our Tesla Model 3 Proves EVs Are Cheaper When Charged at Home
January 11, 2021 ... -Owning a Tesla Model 3 (or any electric car) can substantially reduce fuel costs compared to a gas-powered car, but only when it's charged at home.  -Tesla's Superchargers are fast but pricey, averaging the equivalent of nearly $9 per gallon ... national residential average electricity cost of 13.6 cents per kilowatt-hour and our car's actual 84 MPGe efficiency, our Model 3 has cost us 5.5 cents per mile during its first 24,000 miles, or just over $1300 total. If we charged solely at Superchargers ... at 26 cents/kWh ...

Tesla donates EVSE to .ca Parks
Canadian Parks receives electric vehicle chargers from Tesla
2021/01/16 ... an annunciation made by the Federal authority, 28 of the most renowned Parks Canada stations currently have Tesla-donated EVSE ...

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