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Nov 1, 2021, 12:11:09 AM11/1/21
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Chinese EV maker Xpeng touts flying car that can also operate on roads; plans for 2024 rollout
Oct 24 2021 ... HT Aero, an affiliate of Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng, publicized a new flying car on Sunday that it says can also drive on roads.  The company says it plans for a rollout in 2024. HT Aero’s vehicle will have a lightweight design and a rotor that folds away, the company said. That will allow the car to drive on roads and then fly once the rotors are expanded ...

EVs 101 spelled out in layman’s terms> not down in the weeds

The Invention of the Processing/Switching Power that Controls a Modern Computer-Managed Electric Vehicle
Oct 20, 2021 ... Three things.  First this is an effort to describe Solid State EV’s in layman’s terms, no abbreviations that are not initially spelled out. The descriptions are simplistic and may not be technically perfect down in the weeds.  Finishing this first segment is “solid state” 101.  We are going to go back in solid state history and explain why an EV is even electronically possible ...

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