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Nov 28, 2022, 3:24:36 AM11/28/22
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What Project Would You Put This On-Sale Ford Eluminator Mach E Motor Into?
2022/11/10 ... Imagine throwing one on each axle and having 562 horsepower and 632 lb-ft of torque to play with. According to throtl, the retailer that's currently marked this crate motor down, the motor includes a high-voltage motor to traction inverter harness, low-voltage harness/connector, and vent tube assembly, but doesn't include a traction inverter, control system, and battery. You'll have to source those from elsewhere ...  throtl has marked it down to $4,197.60 delivered to your door, though shipping charges may apply ...

CR tests public DC EVSE
Consumer Reports Tested DC Fast Charging Stations With Popular Electric Vehicles
2022/11/11 ... Consumer Reports looked into ... DC Fast Charging stations. The Department of Energy says that around 80% of EV owners usually charge at home, but that doesn’t work for travel. Utilizing public charging stations is a part of EV ownership ...

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