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Samiya Illias

Jul 22, 2022, 8:33:41 PMJul 22
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On 22-Jul-2022, at 3:26 PM, John Clark <johnk...@gmail.com> wrote:

Yesterday the house passed legislation that would ensure contraception remains legal nationwide, the vote was 228 to 195, all the Democrats in the House voted for it but only 8 Republicans did, most didn't even want to make sure condoms remain legal. The legislation now goes to the Senate where Republicans are certain to kill it. 

On Tuesday the House passed legislation that would ensure gay marriage remains legal despite 157 Republicans voting against it. The legislation now goes to the Senate where the Republicans there are certain to kill it. 

And Republican Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said a month ago in his decision that overturned Roe versus Wade, that had given women the right to control their own bodies, that the court should also consider making consensual homosexual behavior illegal again.

Do you see a pattern that Republicans have been following and should you encourage them to continue doing so by voting for them? 
 John K Clark    See what's on my new list at  Extropolis


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