ChatGPT's rebuttal to Chomsky

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John Clark

Mar 14, 2023, 6:07:24 AMMar 14
to 'Brent Meeker' via Everything List
Brent Meeker weote:

> So there were 4e3,000,000,000 possible genomes of that length.

Yes and that number is vastly greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe, so nobody thinks there is only one way to make intelligence, sthere must be an astronomical number of ways to arrange those 3 billion base pairs that would result in a human that was superior to every other human being who has ever existed in intelligence or kindness or strength or health or beauty or any other criteria you care to name. And there must be an astronomical number of ways to arrange those 3 billion base pairs that would produce a being who is not a human but was superior to even the Greatest Theoretical Possible Human.

> Evolution found an intelligent one pretty quick.

I would not say 3 1/2 billion years to produce intelligence was "pretty quick", but I admit the wiring diagram of a human brain is far more complicated than that of a modern microprocessor, but I think all those wheels within wheels and pasted on bells and whistles are a sign of weakness not of strength. The difference is just what you would expect between something that came about through random mutation and natural selection and something that came out of the mind of an intelligent human engineer. 

And there are other examples of Evolution's poor design abilities: in the eye of any vertebrate animal, the blood vessels that feed those cells and the nerves that communicate with them are not in the back of the eye as would be logical but at the front so light must pass through them before the light hits the light sensitive cells, this makes vision less sharp than it would otherwise be and creates a blind spot right in the middle of the visual field. No amount of spin can turn that dopey mess into a good design, a human engineer would have to be dead drunk to come up with a hodgepodge like that.

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