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James Ransom (CV)

Jul 20, 2011, 9:00:02 PM7/20/11
to EveryGame
Hey there,

I'm looking into making World of Warcraft TCG port. Do you guys think
this will be possible? From what I'm reading the chances are good but
I surprised to see that nobody else has ported a CCG over. I've
already got images of every single card from each set so all I need to
do now is code it. Am I wasting my time?


Jul 21, 2011, 10:14:11 AM7/21/11
I've done 2 card games so far (neither TCG) and I think it's definitely possible.  You can set up a pass and play style game and all the piles and play areas you'd need.  The only part where it gets complicated is in the deck building aspect. If your doing a draft style game setup it could be done very well on the fly during the game.  But if you want to do pre-constructed decks you would have to code those decks into the xml which means you'd be limited to only those you've coded.

Now that I think about it you could conceivably code any number of decks you wanted and set it up so the players can choose a deck before game play starts.
I must say this has me thinking about doing a MTG module since all the card images are readily available.

Hope this helps. 

Adam Jeppson

Jul 21, 2011, 11:24:03 AM7/21/11
I've made a Lord of the Rings the Card Game (FFG) module. It is in a really rough state at the moment, but definitely playable.

As far as choosing from multiple deck setups, I've come up with some pretty cool tricks that make use of the newly added multiple-piece-types. If you are ever interested let me know.

Nathaniel Dirksen

Jul 20, 2011, 10:01:10 PM7/20/11
Yeah, I think that a TCG port should be very doable.

I know of at least one other similar game in the works. I think that one thing that has kept more ports from happening is the difficulty in image creation. If you've got all of your images already, you're in great shape, but if you had to make them all, it would be a huge effort. Putting them all into EveryGame could also potentially be a tedious -- I definitely recommend using the Easy-Game-Maker instructions to get started, so that it creates a basic xml file with all of the cards (pieces) for you to start from.

Another possible reason that games like that have been slow to take off is that many are suited super well for pass-and-play. With Bluetooth play in the newest version though, I can see them being more appealing, and depending on the level of interaction, play-by-email could work well too.

The new version of EveryGame also includes some new actions, like cycle_side and cycle_rotation, that are specifically made for games like this, letting you tap / untap with a single action, which you couldn't do before.


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