Rotation of Pieces or how to work around?

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Feb 16, 2011, 4:52:21 AM2/16/11
to EveryGame
Hi there,

as you can see on BGG, there's clearly a need for a Vassal clone on
iPad. I was hoping that this is it... :)

I've been reading the older messages and I see that rotation of a
piece is not possible? That's a pity because it's one of the basic
things you need to play wargames where pieces have to be aligned to a
hex side.

I was wondering if rotation of pieces might still be included
And for now if anyone found a way to work around this problem? For
instance by dropping arrows on the counters, or by having a stack of
the same counter which each shows a different heading so that you can
click through them until you have the right image?


Eggy EveryGame

Feb 19, 2011, 12:24:04 PM2/19/11
to EveryGame
Rotating counters should already be possible with a technique similar
to one you describe. What you can do is create a piece with six sides
(for hexes, four sides for a grid). Just take your original counter
image for the first side, and rotate it by 60 degrees for each
successive side. Then you could set your tap action to increment the
side to rotate the piece. You could look at the "gunner" pieces in
PiratesVsNinjas for an example.

Adding a new piece action to rotate pieces inside the game (so that
the EveryGame handles the rotation instead of you making the rotated
images outside of the game) is in the plans for a future release too,
though I can't promise when that will be.



Feb 19, 2011, 3:05:52 PM2/19/11
to EveryGame
OK, thanks for that! See my PM on Boardgamegeek. I've asked for
persmission to convert a "real" wargame and I can get it then you
probably will hear a lot more from me here... :)
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