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Feb 11, 2019, 11:08:36 AM2/11/19
to Event and Task Manager
The new version will change the usage of old @m from  'memo' to 'mask'. It still accepts a string but now stores the string in a masked or obfuscated form. For example, with this entry:

@m id: myuserid; pw: mypassword

would appear in the json database (with my secret key "shakespeare") as:

"m": "{M}:w5zDjMKbwovDksOsw6XDmMOGw6TDjsOXwqPCgcObw5zCrcKQw5LDmsOiw4bDpsObw5jDmsOXw5c="

Whenever viewed in etm itself, the entry would appear in its unmasked, readable form but in the database in its masked form. This affords a tiny bit of security for passwords and such when the etm database is stored in the cloud using, e.g., dropbox or pcloud.


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