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Hugo Manguinhas

Nov 8, 2018, 5:05:21 AM11/8/18
Dear Europeana API users,

A new release of the Search & Record API is planned to happen early next week as part of our migration to the new infrastructure and the release of the new ingestion service named Metis. 

On this release v2.8.2 we will be deprecating the Datasets & Providers API and the MoreLikeThis functionality (suggestions). We based this decision on the fact that both were returning obsolete and inconsistent information, and in the past 6-9 months there were no evidence of requests made from registered API keys. 

In the case of the Providers API, the functionality will be replaced very soon with the addition of Organizations to the Entity API which reflects the complete list of aggregators and data providers contributing data to Europeana. For the MoreLikeThis functionality, we are reviewing the functionality looking at providing a solution that will consider metadata and also media but no concrete plans on when that will be made available. Finally, for Datasets we have no plans given the fact that there has not been any demands for it.

If you are affected by this change or you were planning to use this functionality, please contact us via and we will find a solution for you.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

The API team


James Morley

Nov 8, 2018, 5:17:13 AM11/8/18
Hi Hugo

Many thanks for the update.

For the benefit of others, it's worth pointing out that in terms of just getting lists of datasets and providers, using suitable facets on the main search API can be very useful (and of course you can combine that with other queries).

Best, James

James Morley

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Feb 1, 2019, 12:54:01 PM2/1/19
to Europeana API forum
Hi Hugo,

will the new 2.8.2 API also contain the 'random' query option you were mentioning in a thread earlier?
We have a meeting next week for the Art Up Your TAB browser add-on and what is the next step, so any input on that feature would be helpful.

Your answer earlier:

I think there are use cases where we would like to use a random sort for items.

Solr has a built in mechanism to support random sort, but a schema update and a reindexing is required to have everything in place:


This can still be combined with filtering results with data quality measures, like the completeness level (e.g one can ask for items with completeness > 8 and to sort by random field)


I think it is worth to take in consideration the random sort for the next versions of search api.


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