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Test! Ignore!

This is a test for my private use only. Do not open or read it. Don't
download it. If you have accidentally downloaded it, delete it

I am not responsible for any violations of your local laws. You have
been warned.


translator's note

I forgot to write a single name in the last page of
volume 4. Its is "Toxine".

Here ist the last page again, with the name in place



1 Thatswhy...
2 you don't need thorns...


1 Shall I cut them all?

2 Would you please stop disturbing me
whilst I am doing telepathy, Toxine.

3 I am still in rehabilitation.

text End of the 4th volume of Sidonia no Kishi



Sidonia no Kishi 21


vol 5 page 001 Japan edition


#21 The glance of the Hawk-moth

box the small mass union ship Ocarina


box The seedship Sidonia


1 See you later, Hoshijiro


1 I'll be back again.

2 Bye, so long.


1 Mrs. Tahiro!! Hoshijiro ehh...
2 eeh, I mean, the placenta-Hoshijiro
is standing on the floor
3 What?

1 She is standing on the floor.
That's the first time, isn't it?
2 !!


1 uwa

2 uwa


text Tanikaze, I know, I was the one, who asked
for your help, but let me make one thing clear

1 This is only for Gauna research.
Even if this placenta in there has
reconstructed Hoshijiro's memories
and acts like a human..
2 in this quarantine tank is nothing more
than a piece of Gauna meat
That may be a bitter pill for you, but
don't forget that.


1 Beep beep

2 Oh, I had dozed off.

3 beep
text on screen incoming call

4 Yes
5 click

6 This is Kunato Development.


1 eeh?
2 We are here to have a look at the
placental sample for study.

3 Has it to be now? That's odd,
I got no notification about it.

4 During registration we were
assigned to that date.
5 Or is there a mistake?

6 Really, the permit was granted.

7 Sorry.
8 We shall make a new appointment
and come back again.

9 Wait a moment.
0 Aren't you the pilot Kunato?


1 I am Mozuku Kunato. Nice to meet you.
2 I am Tahiro. Nice to meet you.
text on right card
Kunato Development Institute
Department for general affairs
Mozuku Kunato
text on left card
Kunato Development Institute
Representative of the board
Norio Kunato

3 The institute has been reduced but we are
still developing weapons in cooperation
with Toha Heavy Industries.
Therefore, I welcome you on behalf of
Kunato Development, too
4 Well, so you are his successor....
5 Yes, since my father died unexpectedly
a few days ago...


1 Ah, that's it... it's sad..

2 To be honest, we are a sub-contractor
of Toha Heavy Industries and produce
spare parts only
3 but I am thankful that we are able to
continue with weapon development. That is
an important duty.

4 I will carry out the work with the same
dedication, as I have done as a pilot.
5 So young and yet so dignified.

6 Hihihi

7 ?

8 We do not want to take too much of your
precious time
I would like to come down to business.
Can we please have a look at the placental
sample now?
9 Sure, this way.


1 It really looks like a human
2 perfect

3 perfect?
4 eeh... nothing

5 Inner organs, brain and so on
has been perfectly reconstructed.
Besides the fact that the pressure suit
is reconstructed as a fused part
of the body, the being is nearly a
fully functional human.

6 An original Gauna doesn't need to breath
or eat. Seen from the functionality, it is
far superior to humans.
But why do they emulate an inefficient
human organism?


1 Whenever I look at a Gauna, I think
2 humans had to make a developmental leap

3 eeh?
4 For instance, Wouldn't it be good if
people would have a compared to stars
indestructible body and an eternal life?

5 Topics like that has been discussed a lot
in the past
but I think, an individual, which has
obtained an immortal body, can no longer
function as a part of a species.

6 Buhhahaha
7 Oh well, the ordinary members of the ship
don't know about the immortal ship's


1 The concept of an uniform species is
2 When I imagine, that a primitive life form
like humans, which can do nothing as to waste
resources, spread into space unhindered by an
overwhelming threat like the Gaunas, I feel
as I have to throw up.

3 What do you say....

4 To stink after the food, you cram down your
throat and leave the excreta, wherever you go.
You are a disgusting life form.

5 Wait a moment... I call the security....


1 !
2 pf

3 sting

4 Can't move anymore?
5 You poor thing, you can never move your
body again with your own will.


1 What do you think may that be?
That's a Sidonia blood eelworm.
A parasite, I have created.
2 This size is enough to make a copy
of a human brain or an AI.

3 Thus a new personality has entered the
brain of the host, takes over, replaces
him and manipulates the body.


1 Please, stop..


1 The pictures of the unmanned reconnaissance
drone are coming in.
2 The 107 objects, which are attacking us
from the direction of the Ocarina*, are Gaunas.

text on left border refers to Ocarina
*The small mass union ship # 21, with which
the Sidonia is currently embroiled in fights,
harbours over 5000 Gaunas.

3 In how many units is the GCPDS launching system
ready for use?

4 Actually 8 units.
5 The remaining 4 units will be ready in 10 minutes.

(GCPDS = Gauna main body piercing high speed projectile)


1 After the announcement that we are able to
make artificial kabi, and Nagate's achievements
everyone was in high spirits...
2 But now all have fear again...

3 Good luck, Nagate
4 Un, I'm leaving now.

5 We don't know in which form the Gaunas will appear
this time.
6 The survival rate of the mecha pilots is
still 50%. There is no reason, why that should
have changed.


box Kunato residence

1 It looks as if you got used to your new body,

2 But I can't even chase a fly away with


text pita

1 katch

2 Telepathy is just a lie to distract from
the blood eelworm.
3 With it you can by the most create spineless


text on screen
ESN unblocking successful
Command bridge circuit
reception level 7

1 Nice


1 The Gaunas are still coming closer
2 Eat that !!
3 Well, that's enough.
4 Suspend sniper formation.
Disengage the GCPDS launcher
extension pipe.
5 Roger ! Switch to intercept.

6 Has it begun?
7 I trust the Sidonian army till the
power to chase the Gaunas away is
in my hands.

8 Half of the Gaunas have been already
killed in action.
text on screen
remaining number of Gaunas
verified total of Gaunas

9 There is one among them, who has
crushed 38 Gaunas alone.
0 So they have a champion shot in this
era, too.


1 Tanikaze unit has crushed one Gauna.


1 hahahahahahahaaa

2 I see...
3 That guy is Saito's clone.

End of the 21st story.


text placental produced Higgs mechanism


Sidonia no Kishi 22


vol 5 page 035 Japan edition


22th story The intrigue of the scientist Ochiai

100 Visual motifs of the Sidonia # 17:
Gauna sample in the tank of the space life research


1 Wasn't it a great fight today?
2 Crushed 107 Gaunas without causalities.
3 Even if the GCPDS has functioned well
it was amazing, how Tanikaze handled it.

4 The survival rate has risen a bit
5 I get even some hope

6 Well, but today not one mecha-like Gauna
or the Hawk-moth has appeared.
7 We can't let go down our guard.

8 un..


1 kaij kaij gong gong

2 It's from space life research

3 Yes, this is Tanikaze.
4 Yes

5 eeh?
I'm going now

6 Sorry, but I have to go.


1 Tanikaze...
2 Please don't forget the training today.
3 Certainly not.

4 phew...

5 He had promised to show me some
shooting tricks...
6 .....

7 This placenta at the space life research,
which reconstructed a human..
I heard it even acts more and more like a
human lately...
8 I'm worried about Tanikaze....


1 Space life research wants only to find out
more about the Gaunas.
2 They do never something for Tanikaze.

3 Gauna research is important...
4 Whatever the outcome of the research
is, it can't be good for Tanikaze..

5 I wish for him, that he would address
himself to his task as a pilot.


1 It's gone late..
I have to go...

2 What about you, Izana?

3 I shall stay a little bit longer.

4 Come on, don't pull such a face...


1 Sorry, I just wanted to touch your
arm prosthesis.
2 It has exactly body temperature, hasn't it?


1 Say something
2 She was so very eager to show you the

4 It suits you well.

5 plop


reverse text nagate
1 screech

2 na..
3 gate

4 Do you want to try out going inside?

5 eee?

6 crack


1 aaaa

2 Just joking
3 The tentacles of a Gauna are strong
enough to pierce a hole into SST.

4 ye yes, it's like that..

5 aaaaa
6 aaaaa


text on sign
Institute for the Study of bodies of in
space living beings

1 uooooo


1 What has that been? I don't understand.
2 however I want to fly the Tsugumori now.

3 oh, no !


box The training will start shortly

name on suit Hanoka Ro 4
name on bra Hanoka Ren


1 ......

2 fuuu...
3 I shall never get used to this
urethral catheter.

4 You're fine with it, Izana?

5 Don't be so lazy or assistive Commander
Midorikawa gets mad with you again.

6 aaa...just a moment
7 the way


1 say
2 your catheter... how do you manage this
with your...

3 !!?


1 !!

2 Nagate, you're an idiot.


1 Tanikaze, what happened to your face?


1 a....
2 I fell....

3 To manage his daily life is for a
pilot important, too.

4 Be more cautious.

5 Sorry.


1 So, this is the body of a fusion
between a Gauna and a human?

2 Dr. Ochiai has created this hybrid to
use it as weapon like the mechas?
3 Is it still possible to use this
hybrid as a weapon?


1 No.


1 We used all suitable parts to
produce artificial kabi.

2 I see, that's to expect.
3 Well, what does Kunato Development
suggests to increase the output of
man-made kabis?

4 To make an new hybrid.

5 That would have been done a long time ago
6 but we don't know how Ochiai's technique
7 There is no record about that in the
auxiliary brain.


1 Perhaps he didn't felt it was
necessary to write it down,
because it was that simple.
2 As simple as the truth is behind
the legends about Dr. Ochiai, which
are told in public.

3 in short
4 what do you want to say?

5 To impregnate the human-like placenta
with a human child


1 ee?

2 What does this mean?
And where is it?

3 I told you, that such a day
will come.

4 Slowly, slowly, please wait a moment.
5 Can I visit her there from now on?


1 I hang up now.

2 Please wait. Where is Hoshijiro now?

text on window nagate


1 Current distance 10.000 km
2 object is approaching towards the
Sidonia with high speed


1 It's big...
2 Why is the asteroid close to the

3 We detected a greater amount of
Gaunas on its surface

4 Gaunas as propulsion?
5 It's intentionally on collision course
with the Sidonia

6 How great is the probability to hit
the asteroid direct with an
antiplanetarian missile, if the
asteroid is able to maintain its course?
7 5%


1 Captain

2 Discharge of one missile is approved.
3 We eliminate the Ganua driven propulsion
first and then hit the bull's eye.

4 Yes


1 To all units
The target is to destroy the asteroid
2 and all the Gaunas, which accompanying it.

3 The battle will take place in the
gravitation field of the asteroid and
on its surface, too.
4 Be cautious.

5 Appropriate to the gravity


1 Battle in the gravitation field of
an asteroid...
that may decrease the survival rate
of the pilots...

2 You heard that, Samari?
3 You should take appropriate action
against gravity to protect your boobies.

4 You look down, Tanikaze. What's
the matter?

5 aah.. nothing.
6 I'm fine.

End of the 22nd story



The next 4 chapters are about the battle with the asteroid.

Don't expect something soon.
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