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sid test 19v1

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Apr 17, 2012, 6:36:04 PM4/17/12

Test! Ignore!

This is a test for my private use only. Do not open or read it. Don't
download it. If you have accidentally downloaded it, delete it

I am not responsible for any violations of your local laws. You have
been warned.


Sidonia no Kishi 19


vol 4 page 098 Japan edition

text on hard hat etc:

Toha Heavy Industries

Translator's explanantion:
Toha = Toua and means Eastasia.
The company is named "Eastasia Heavy
Industries". That is just like
US Steel or Britsh Petrol.
As it is done in all mangas, I
go with Toha Heavy Industries.


19th story Izana Shinatose's dream

100 Visual motifs of the Sidonia # 15:
unknown (somewhere in renovation)


box: 10 years ago

1 eeehh

2 Do you have a moment?
3 You have seen the message about the
disruption of water supply? I'm soon

4 You are Tanba Sinsuke, aren't you?
5 You were once employed with Toha
Heavy Industries.


1 So, you are his grandchild?
2 This uniform...
You want to become a pilot?
3 No, a mechanic.

4 Ahh, and what do you want?
5 It's about the moritos (mechas)
Mr. Tanba, we need your skills.


1 Haha...Do you want to come to
me to go into teaching?

2 Starting with Kunato Development
model Typ 18 handcrafted parts
aren't needed any more, and so
those, which can do it.

3 The project has been restarted.

4 The research was continued in
secret all the time.
5 What have you just said?

6 It runs on direct order.
Kunato Development is in no
way involved.

7 That sounds rather serious.
8 It is rather serious.


1 ping, diing

sign top: Fire is strictly prohibited
sign right: Wear a helmet

2 It isn't as I have expected.
3 Un

4 Not good, do it again.
5 Sorry, Mr. Tanba

6 Who are you?
7 I am assistive commander Midorikawa
We are here today, because we want
to be informed about the new weapon.
8 Are you the product development manager
of Toha Heavy Industries Mr. Sasaki?


1 Here you are. I am Sasaki.

2 Nice to meet you.
But you are a morito mechanic...

3 Yes, I am, and I like to
continue my work as a mechanic.

4 What's that?
5 That is the air face unit for
the moritos.
6 Highspeedlongdistancenavigationunit?
7 It is the prototyp of the new
air face unit for the next generation
of moritos.
8 Yes, it has to become smaller.


1 That is the new weapon, which will be
tested tomorrow

2 Wow. Is that an overtopspeed ringaccelerator?

3 Eh? How do you know?
4 We haven't released any information yet.

5 That was part of the simulations, as I lived
in the underground.
text on helmet: Toha Heavy Industries


1 Uwa

2 That is it. That one.
3 In the underground I had a simulator
like that one.

4 What you are talking about?
5 This simulator is just under construction.
So stop talking nonsense.

6 So..sorry about that.
7 That isn't funny.
8 eeh....chief...

9 What's the matter?


1 Talking about that simulator for the
new weapon...
We only repaired it. It was built at
the time, as the project has been started.

2 For this reason Tanikaze is possibly
talking the truth.
3 eeeh?

4 You wasn't telling a lie?
5 When has that been?

6 Well, when has it been? Since I was little.
With six years I exceeded my grandfather's
7 I am even able to deliver continuous fire
during flight without braking and navigation
system, until I run out of bullets.


text live transmission
1 The advance party of the pacifistic crew union
has just left the Sidonia.

2 These are 100 selected out of the 100,000, which
want to leave the Sidonia. They are all technicians,
scientists or experts.
3 They precede the great emigration, and take care of
all necessities in the Remu star system.

4 But they are unarmed...
5 What do they plan to do, when the Gaunas attack...

6 They strongly believe that the Gaunas won't attack
as long as they are unarmed.


1 The mission of this seed ship is the survival of
mankind, and to spread terrestrial life forms,
animals as well as plants.
2 As we split up by now, we double the chances for
our mission to be successful. Well, they may be
somehow better after that.

3 There is an old law, which says, if we find a
suitable star system, and more than 50,000
crew members support a colonisation, then it will
be done.
4 But now, as there is a massunionship waiting out
there, it's perhaps only a waste of personnel and

5 Good night, Nagate.
6 Good night.

7 Life on a planet...infinite landscapes and
endless sea....
8 That would be great, as long as Gaunas wouldn't


1 Direct hit.
2 Target successful destroyed

3 That finishes the tests for today.

4 The unofficial tests for today
are finished.
5 Tanikaze, return to the ship.


1 Roger. Unit 704 Tanikaze returns
to the ship.


1 The results are better than expected.
Congratulations, Tanikaze.
2 Thank you.

3 You are young, but you have talent.
4 Good luck for tomorrow, when we have
controlled test shots.

5 Yes!

6 !!!
(alarm is ringing)


text Gauna has emerged
1 How many enemies, and where are they?

2 It is only one.
It comes from the direction of the

text on screen
top left Ga541
bottom left advance party of the pacifistic crew union
bottom right Sidonia
3 It's heading for the ship of the pacifists.
4 What?
5 There is only 80 km distance between the
Gauna and the ship.

6 The Sidonia is 5000 km away from their ship...
7 Even if we deploy the Moritos immediately,
they shall never make it in time...

8 Miss Sasaki!


1 Is the prototype of the air face unit
ready for use?

2 eeh?
3 Yes, but...

4 Captain. If we use the new weapon, we may be
able to rescue the ship of the advance party.
Please authorize it.
5 Wait a moment, Tanikaze.

6 The rifle recoil absorbers are not set correctly,
and the synchronisation with the air face unit
isn't finished yet.
7 Even if you are able to come within gunshot
to the Gauna
you never will hit it at top speed.


1 Use authorised.

2 !!

3 To show all how stupid the project of the
pacifists is, I should leave them to their
4 But Tanikaze...his character resembles
more and more that of Hiroki...will he
someday rise up against me...
I have to change my strategy to avoid the
mistake I made once...

5 This is a normal action. Use of the data
of the new weapon approved.

6 Thank you.
7 Well then, hurry up with the conversion.

8 Tanikaze is marching out alone?
9 But the advance party of the pacifistic
crew union is 5000 km ahead. What can he


1 Front launch pad of the Sidonia gate open !!

2 Unit 704 Tanikaze launching !!


1 How is it, Tanikaze?

2 All the best. Increasing output.


1 These are so far the specifications of the new
air face unit, which is still in developments.

2 A new weapon ??
3 Yes.
4 But by the specifications alone I can't
imagine, how he will make it in time...

5 This is another new weapon. A projectile, which
can penetrate the main body of a Gauna, and an
overtopspeed ringaccelerator.
6 The projectile is a combination of mass composition
and kabi. At the impact physical energy is released,
which blasts away the placenta, and the Kabi makes
a hole in the main body of the Gauna.
text artificial Kabi|man-made Kabi

7 Man-made Kabi ??
8 What's that.....

9 shoot as projectile....
0 To say, Kabi as consumables....


text on screen
top left Ga541
bottom left Ship of the advance party
bottom right unit 704 Tanikaze
1 Distance between Gauna and ship of the advance party
10 km
2 Distance between Gauna and Tanikaze 230 km

3 The Gauna is increasing his speed.
Tanikaze will not be there in time.

text on Tanikaze's screen magnification


top left ship of the pacifistic crew union
left bottom out of shooting range


1 Tanikaze has shot !!


1 His shot was on target.

2 The Gauna keeps its course.
The projectile hasn't penetrated the main body.


1 Tanikaze is loosing speed !!

2 The recoil has put him in spin

3 By that recoil it wouldn't be unusual, when he
is shattered to pieces
4 Unbelievable he is still flying, and that by hand only
without an automatic correction system


1 The Gauna is still getting closer to the ship

text Ga541
Ship of the advance party of the pacifistic crew union


1 He has regained control.


1 Direct hit in the main body !!


1 The Gauna has disintegrated into foam.
2 Tanikaze has crushed the Gauna.

3 The ship is safe and sound.


1 unbelievable....
2 Have we thus now a way to destroy the Gaunas?

text Stop throwing your helmets around


1 After the incident the pacifistic crew union argued that
the test of the new weapon provoked the Gaunas.
2 The number of emigrants (100,000) to the Remu star
system didn't change.

End of the 19th story.

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