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sid test 17v7

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Dec 29, 2011, 7:36:47 PM12/29/11

Test! Ignore!

This is a test for my private use only. Do not open or read it. Don't
download it. If you have accidentally downloaded it, delete it

I am not responsible for any violations of your local laws. You have
been warned.


Sidonia no Kishi 17


vol 4 page 034 Japanese Edition

cross-sectional view of the seed ship Sidonia

right single drawings from top to bottom:
front face
structure of the residence tower
traverse cross

vertical cross-sectional view of the Sidonia:

text right side outside the drawing:
ice layer
subterranean area
gravitational field generator
Research for space life
engine room

text inside the drawing:
marine water layer
residential districts
residence tower
5 km

text left side outside the drawing:
natural rock with mineral resources

Sidonia no Kishi memo

vol 4 page 035 Japanese Edition


17th story Tanikaze Nagate's decision

Visual motifs of the Sidonia # 13 Surroundings of the central tower


1 pessn

text on screen:
wired in the flight supply Higgs particle
Higgs particle
no supply


1 Unit 723, are you ok?
2 Iez.
3 Hawk-moth flies to the mineral resources pile
4 It intends to fly into the digging gallery.
Don't let it go away.
text left upper corner: Ga490

(Translator's explanation: The answer "Iez" means
"Yes". The author has written it in the same way,
as he writes, when the Hawk-moth speaks. So it
is a sign, that this answer may be not of the origin,
which the Sidonia believes. I tried to express this.)


box: Battlefield 2000 km away from the Sidonia
1 This is Tanikaze squad. We have crushed the
last Gauna.

2 Fine. Come back to the ship immediately,
and take part in the operations to eliminate
the intruder.

3 Ok!

4 Tanikaze, there is no need for you to come back.
5 As Hawk-moth is the opponent, your behaviour
is a problem.

6 Take part of Kunato's kabizashi retrieve actions.
7 Understood, captain.


1 There is the Hawk-moth

2 Direct hit!!


1 Bullshit, it's still moving.

2 There is the Hawk-moth!!

3 Done....!!?
4 What's that!?


1 Gone that way
2 There. This one is an imitation.

3 That's a dummy, too
4 Where is it hiding?
5 Its amount of placenta is limited. Let's corner it.

6 I think, the enemy's intention is to make it
into the ship.
Squad 7 to 10 protect the place, where the
ice layer is lost.
7 Ok.

text: east 4

8 Unit 723 wait there till further instructions.
As soon as the situation is cleared, we open the


1 ee


1 Unit 723 placenta penetration alert.
Rear Higgs machine damaged
Pilot, please abandon unit
2 Hawk-moth is in front of the hatch east 4
3 What?

4 Izana!!


1 aa hah
2 Na
reversed left to right text on screen:
painkiller forced infusion


1 uaaaaaaaaaa

2 tani......kaze.....


704 unit 723 Unit
Ga490 destroyed


1 Through the placenta right into the main body....
A precise stab into the centre of gravity
to make the Gauna temporarily unable to move.
Only Hiroki has mastered this technique....


1 You are not Hoshijiro. You are not even


1 Minor damages at the Tsugimori. Pilot is safe
and sound.
2 Hawk-moth flees towards beyond Sidonia's
perimeter of defense.
text on screen: Ga490

3 Go after it!!

4 Pursuit is not needed.
End of the military operations.


1 If this had been a type 18, it probably
would have been vaporised.
2 Kunato Design and Development has wrongly
omitted the anti-Higgs-beam-coating,
because they considered it as inexpedient.

3 kank
4 kank
5 donk
6 kank
7 sorry


1 Nagate...

2 Izana !!
3 I though you are dead........


1 Ah, Mr. Ochiai, long time no see.
2 Aren't you very busy? I am happy.
3 Thank you.

4 The captain is waiting.

5 Excuse me!
6 I am sorry that I am late.

7 I am relentless with those, which don't
respect time and instructions.
8 Don't do that again.

9 I am sorry!


1 Hero !?

2 Yes. In the past there was a very
powerful man on the Sidonia, who
saved the Sidonia in many crisis...

3 Now again we are facing a big crisis.
4 The small mass association ship Ocarina...
On top of that is in the space three
light years ahead a gigantic mass
association ship waiting for us.

4 100.000 disarmament bigots have asked to
emigrate to the Remu star system, and
this is now being carried out.
5 They think, always to go nicely out of
the gaze of the Gauna is the one and
only way for mankind to survive.

6 But there is a more plainly and safer
way to eliminate the danger of the Gaunas.
7 The annihilation of all Gaunas, which are in
the way of the Sidonia.


1 Therefor is the support of the new hero
2 I want your help.

3 ..........
4 eh, eh..

5 I.....there are so many tasty foods here
and so many people live here in happiness,
that's why I love the Sidonia like crazy.
6 I don't have the self-confidence to become
like this great man of the past. But I shall
do, what I can, to protect the Sidonia.

7 After all I am a knight of the Sidonia.


1 Mechanical?
2 I didn't thought you would decide so fast.

3 A piece of advice from my grandmother...
Biological growth takes time.

4 Thank you, Nagate. You were kind enough
to save my life twice.

5 ahh un


1 Please
2 Thank you
3 Izana has recovered without any flaws.

4 Nagate, are you ok?

5 Eh?

6 Don't you overexert yourself? You
look rather tense lately.
When you are tired, you don't have
to hide it.

7 You resemble here a friend of mine
from the past.
Believe me, forbearance is poison
for the body.

8 I think, this is Nagate's strong point.
9 If he would always complain, that he
is tired, highly stressed or close to
a physical break down, like others do,
he couldn't make the good job, as he does.

0 Well, but why has this kid to take
part in each and every mission? Even if
I can't rise to speak to the committee
at the moment....


1 Due to the fact that there is an
immortal person outside the immortals of
the committee or the mortals of the
ship's crew.

2 Therefore you arranged for him to
take part in all missions.
3 To kill him.

4 Only under this condition the Committee
has given its consent. I didn't wanted
to shut him away a second time.

5 .............

6 Be okay, Hiyama. If this kid has really
the power, it will not lose its life
in a fight.

7 As it has been with Saito, too.


1 Captain, it's time now. The preparations
for the download ceremony are done.

2 Download ceremony

3 You use the auxiliary memory?
4 What are your plans this time?
5 It's not for me.

6 As the decision was made, that this
disarmament bigots in question can
leave the ship,
7 this clique has demanded that a
terraforming technology is pulled.

8 Aah....this unpleasant feeling...
9 Isn't it the same as it was
100 years before......
It's the premonition that again
many people will be lost.....


1 Brain waves normal!
All parameters in the optimal range!
2 We remove the restrictions of the

text top to bottom:
connected person : Ochiai
brain restrictions removed
auxiliary memory
gate at the opening

3 ngiiiiiiiiiii


1 Removal was successful !!
Ochiai has awakened !!
2 ....o.....oo....

3 The Sidonia is still not destroyed?
4 Captain Kobayashi is still alive?

5 It's a pity that we have no


1 Na, Kobayashi, slowly you could
kindly forgive...
2 It's rather painful

3 The gate to the auxiliary memory
has been opened!!
4 Please wait !!
5 Start the access to the
auxiliary memory.

6 Damn, what's going on there?
As Ochia was human, damn, what
has he done?
7 It wasn't imparted to me in detail..

8 He did something to gain great
power, but he made a mistake,
and thereby the Sidonia was nearly
9 It is said, he summoned the mass
association ships.

End of the 17th story.


box right upper corner:
The equipment of a mecha pilot

box right middle:
Flight suit

text below that box:
Just as the mechas themselves the
flight suits are made of valuable
material and need a complex
manufacturing process. Due to that
they are renewed only once in a
blue moon.They are repaired as long
as possible, and worn over a long
period. Samari's suit was already
worn by her grandmother. Only
sensitive items such as the
catheter may be exchanged.

Suction shoes are worn in zero
gravity areas and the main streets
of the residential districts.

text left side:

maintenance counter

text right of the arrow:
simple pressure aeration hood

box left of the arrow:

text below this box:
If you look closely, you see,
that even the uniform has been
patched and darned more than once.


Translator's note: That's it for a while.
There may be some spelling and grammatical
errors in the English text, but the
translation is accurate and not misleading.



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On Fri, 30 Dec 2011 01:36:47 +0100, Keiji <inv...@invalid.invalid>

>Test! Ignore!
>This is a test for my private use only. Do not open or read it. Don't
>download it. If you have accidentally downloaded it, delete it
>I am not responsible for any violations of your local laws. You have
>been warned.

Sidonia no Kishi c17 - 18 engl


Sidonia no Kishi 17


vol 4 page 034 Japanese Edition

cross-sectional view of the seed ship Sidonia

right single drawings from top to bottom:
front face
structure of the residence tower
traverse cross

vertical cross-sectional view of the Sidonia:

text right side outside the drawing:

ice layer, covers the hull complete
shields the Sidonia from object impacts
1 Minor damages at the Tsugimori. Pilot safe
5 Start with the access to the

Sidonia no Kishi 18


vol 4 page 067 Japanese Edition

18th story Dr. Ochiai's daughter.

100 Visual motifs of the Sidonia # 14:
pipeline route in the underground


box: Spaceliferesearch

1 Yes, headmistress
2 I don't make a mistake, and I am
thinking, too.

3 This time she also followed the Moritos,
which held kabizashis, continuously during
the battle with her ??eyes.


1 I have no other idea.
2 It looks, as if the placenta-Hoshijiro knows
exactly, where the kabizashis are.

3 I'm finished eating.

4 Grandma, I am leaving now.
5 Take care, Izana.


1 Sorry for the interruption.
2 By the way, Numi, have you told others
about this?

3 No.
4 You are the first one, Headmistress.

5 What you have just told me, I declare as
of classification level 1 from now on.
6 Be careful, when you talk to others.
7 Yes, I understood.

8 aaa
9 I still was in the middle of the fine
tuning of Izana's arm prosthesis.


1 This spot is almost foundations only.

2 Is this really the place, where this
excellent accommodation should be?
3 It isn't in the guide "100 motifs of
the Sidonia".
4 It's a little-known good place.
5 By the way, the sandals are quite noisy,
these ones.


1 There is no trace of a human. What's
that kind of a place?

2 First you push yourself on me, and then
you talk like that.
3 I don't remember to have you invited.

4 But I was kind enough to make the plan
with you together.

5 So-so, the both of you.

6 It isn't so-so.
7 It is so only, because you have arranged
something with both of us.
8 Exactly. Tanikaze, please be more


sign: Gravity Hall

1 I had booked. Midorikawa and two men.


text: Gravity Hall
1 Thank you for making the long journey

2 Ca cacacacaca

3 I'm Mrs. Tanaka of the Gravity Hall.

4 Nice to meet you.
5 Nice to meet you.


1 To slip into the role of an ordinary
crew member, is her only passion.
2 Please understand.

3 uwa

4 Marvelous! The view onto the
ground sea.


1 You like it, Izana?

2 Well, it's not such a big deal.
3 It's just some water.

4 Well then, while we examine the area,
you can watch the house.
5 Even though there are very interesting
places here around.
6 Eh?

7 What's that?
text on book: Sidonia - mystery stories

8 It's a book with mysterious stories,
which happened on the Sidonia.


1 The voice from the other side
2 The face on the ceiling or the mystery
of the ever young immortals of the
ship's committee.
3 Look at page 139.

text on page:
Mystery of science
Has there ever been a scientist named
Ochiai? The secret around MSCF.
page 139

4 In the year 904 of Sidonia era during
the 4th defense war against the Gaunas
was a member of the highest rank at an
extraordinary committee meeting
sentenced to death.
5 His name was Ochiai, as everyone on the
Sidonia knows now. Countless stories
are told about these alleged devil.

6 Has it really been like that? To begin
with could Ochiai really have done all
7 This Ochiai... I am perplexed...

text on page:
Dr. Ochiai was busy that day with the
autopsy of a captured placenta, which had
assumed a human shape. In doing so he
located an organ, which looked like an
uterus. At that time on the Sidonia

8 At that time on the Sidonia placenta
experiments were performed, which are
now banned.


1 Among these is a particularly despicable
and uncivilized experiment passed down.
2 A chimera of human and beast.

3 Oh, this passage. That's enough.
Please give it back.

4 Anyway...
There is a legend, that, if this man
was a scientist, then his lab is still
5 A legend...
6 I have evaluated old maps of the Sidonia.
It looks as if this place is at the
bottom of the ground sea.
7 What are you talking about?

8 Izana, you probably doesn't know it,
but higher ranks have access to special
computer terminals
9 I have lend a key.
Without permission, just like that.


1 If we really find this lab, I don't think
we can just straight walk in with this key.
2 It was pretty much work till I could lay
my hands on this key.


1 Ahhh

2 wawa
3 It's dark in here.

4 Izana, calm down.


1 uwah
2 We better go back.

3 No good, can't be opened from inside.
4 The illumination, too.
5 Let's call for help.
uuh...outside of range.

6 What now?
7 Let us leave the entrance and find a
public phone.


1 hiiah

2 Something is coming.
3 Eh?


1 Waaaaahhh

2 Ooouuuuuch

3 Tanikaze, blood spurts out of
your arm.
4 Izana, please reduce the power
of your arm-prosthesis.


1 Nice. It looks, as if the
bleeding has stopped.
2 I am fine.

3 Sorry.

4 Aaaahhhhh


1 I am fine.
2 Sorry....

3 But, how could I know that there
are white eels.
4 Whilst I was in the basements, it was
the best delicacy of all.
5 You ate that?
6 Un. It's quite yummy.

7 Nagate, you have amazing experiences.


1 Buhuuuuuu

2 Izana, now you are weeping?
3 Thththere was someone, and he was
looking this way.

4 I want to go home.

5 Tanikaze?
6 Just wait there.


1 The lights were lit.

2 It was the smell of a current-carrying
On this occasion I have found something

3 I know now, how we get out of here.

4 This elevator...rather old. Does it still
5 Wait a minute.


1 Nagate, you have many special skills.

2 I could only survive by fixing
thrown away things.
3 I see.

4 Well, and where does this elevator goes?

5 This elevator enters the zero gravity
area soon.
6 Please check the proper functioning
of your security suction shoes.

7 Today of all days I don't wear suction shoes.

8 Cling to my hand.


1 But do not grab too firmly.
2 Ok.

3 We have entered the zero gravity area.

4 Uwaahh.


1 MSCF...
2 What's the matter?

3 Top strictly guarded quarantine facility
4 Who isn't at the top of the rank,
may not approach within the range of

5 It seems, we got lost on an incredible place.


1 How did you get here?

2 This is not a good place for ordinary
crew members.

3 A is the first time I see
someone of such a high rank except
the captain.
4 Ehh, we...
5 Sorry...

6 zip

7 zip

8 zip


1 Izana
2 Yuhata

3 One is still standing
4 peng peng peng

5 zip zip zip


1 I nearly forgot, how daily food makes
the body foul-smelling.
Entirely brute...

2 I am Shinatose Yure.

3 My grandchild Izana doesn't know
about my true doing. Keep it that
way, you beast.
4 Shinatose...

5 What about Izana and Yuhata?
6 You are on your feed again.
Follow me.

sign: exit


1 That... This one...What is that?

2 A certain scientist has a placenta
let give birth to a human placenta
3 Without a shell it has a main body only.

4 With this as raw material we were able
to produce artificial kabi.
5 Cacacaptain

6 But just like kabi...
7 this monster emits some kind of
radioactive radiation, which
attracts the Gaunas.

8 At the same time we got the power
to chase the Gaunas away.
9 We have a new weapon, which uses
the HP-Kabi.
The revived Toha Heavy Industries
is doing all the development.
Tanikaze, I want you to be so kind
to do the first use to test the

{Translator's explanation: The author has
used for this kabi a word (jinekabi),
which is a combination of Human (jin)
and Placenta (e of ena). Thus I
made HP-Kabi (human-placenta-kabi)
out of it.}


1 nnnnnnnnnnnnn
2 What's..

3 How have we made it back home?
4 puh...slept in in the meantime?

5 We've been rather tired.
6 Never mind! Here, take a cup of tea.

7 It's supper-time.

End of the 18th story.


Translator's note: That's it for a while.
There may be some spelling and grammatical
errors in the English text, but the
translation is accurate and not misleading.


c18 and 19 are rather boring, but there is
information in it, which is needed later in
the story.

Things come into motion with c20.

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