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sid test 20v2

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Apr 18, 2012, 9:31:07 PM4/18/12

Test! Ignore!

This is a test for my private use only. Do not open or read it. Don't
download it. If you have accidentally downloaded it, delete it

I am not responsible for any violations of your local laws. You have
been warned.


translator's note

about v4c18s096

I have read the printed characters wrong for man-made Kabizashi
there. It isn't "jine", it is "jinkou", so the correct translation
is "man-made" Kabizashi, and nothing else.



Sidonia no Kishi 20


vol 4 page 135 Japan edition


20th story Norio Kunato's entanglement

100 Visual motifs of the Sidonia # 16:
Mecha gate


1 Stop it! Please!
2 It's still a child !!


1 Stoooop itttt !

text on magazine:
Sidonia monthly 8
Topic of the month: The Brain
What is telepathy? Dr. Ochiai explains.
The most popular series "Motifs of
the Sidonia" will be shortly released
as book
1 A body made by fusion of placenta and

2 During the 4th war Dr. Ochiai
constructed a weapon, which looked
like a human, but was completely different
from the mechas.

3 Destroying the main body of a Gauna
without the use of a kabizashi spear...
4 And that technology has been available
100 years ago, they say....


1 But it seems, as when there was a big
problem with control and steering, which
they couldn't solve.....
2 But Dr. Ochiai sent it into battle without

text Development of a weapon usable against
the Gaunas by use of the placenta

text on sheet
main topic
We should use the fusion again.
The problem with control and steering
can be solved by telepathy.
About the problems....

text on diagram
top brain of the fusioned body
bottom brain of the pilot
3 No joystick....

4 He really wanted to pilot it by telepathy...
5 Unbelievable...


box The defendant Ochia has piloted and
operated the fusion body without any
approval. The fusion body hasn't
attacked the Gaunas, but destroyed the
depot of the kabizashis instead, and
threw the spears into space. In
addition it has attacked the mecha
factories and

1 The weapon, which should save mankind,
has almost destroyed the Sidonia...

2 Ochiai admitted that the control system
was not yet fully developed...
3 but he denied that he threw the kabizashi
spears into space, and destroyed the
factories of Toha Heavy Industries.

4 A truth behind the 4th war, which isn't
told to the common crew members..
5 the fact, that not only Ochiai's
auxiliary brain is stored in here...
6 What is behind that door?

7 Even the members of the Kunato family
are not allowed to enter.
8 Norio, I shut the door now.


box Kunato residence

1 bing

2 I am Nagate Tanikaze
3 Is Norio at home?
Wait a moment (tschkk)

4 That's really a big house.
5 Was that common on earth...


1 Kunato

2 eeh, aaa
3 Is it true that you cease to be
a pilot?

4 ........


1 ....

2 ...I don't know, if you know
3 I have lived in the underground since
I was born.

4 As my Grandfather, who raised me, died,
I was on my own.
5 I was lonely and I hadn't much to eat either..

6 Probably is that the reason why
7 well, all the food, the animals, the plants
8 and the people on the Sidonia, too, I love
them all.


1 I love everything and everyone like crazy

2 To be honest, I can't still forgive you

3 But anyway, Kunato, you are also a human
on the Sidonia and I like them all.
4 Besides that, you are a marvellous pilot.
Let us fight and protect the Sidonia
again together.


1 Wait a moment. How about taking the weekly
meal together this evening?

2 ...

3 I have already booked...
4 I put the paper with the address down here
5 Maybe, you reconsider...


sign onion whale
1 Welcome


1 I have booked..
2 eeh, what name has it been

3 waaa
Aren't you Mr. Tanikaze, the mecha pilot?
Your friends are already here.

4 That way.

5 I'm sorry.. I'm late


1 Tanikaze !

2 eee

3 Well, I was just talking with her about
you or she was just talking about you
with me.

4 ding ding ding
5 What?
6 It looks as if someone has forgotten his


1 Useless..
2 nothing...

3 He really was looking forward to this evening.
I hope, he hasn't forgotten...
4 Has something happened to Mr. Tanikaze.

5 It's getting really late.

6 It's not for private use,
but something may has happened to him.
7 I let check for his location.

8 Those on the floor above us enjoy their time

9 Well, Tanikaze's coordinates are..
0 the same position as ours.
text: Amazing, isn't it
Tanikaze, don't eat so much.


1 Nagate


text it's hottttt


1 Your prosthesis... did you not let
adjust it?
2 I have..
That's odd...


text strictly prohibited
Get closer as 100 m is strictly prohibited
to open prohibited
(who is acting contrary) will be shot death

1 Norio !!


1 What are you doing !

2 Nothing.
3 Leave now.

4 No, Norio.
5 If they find out, that you have opened this door,
the Kunato family is doomed.

6 The resurrected Toha Heavy Industries
7 is working at the next model of the mechas
It's not only a rumour. Everyone knows it.


1 That reduces us to guardians of a grave
2 The Kunato family is already done.

3 besides that...I...
4 Shit, leave !

5 I understood.
6 But I stay.

7 I am a part of you and I was born to
serve you.
8 I stay til the end,
and besides of that, you can't open that door


1 Where are we?

2 A research laboratory.
Ochiai may have used it.


1 Cactuses?

2 Not a single thorn.

3 ?


1 Norio, please flee !!

2 What's the matter?

3 The door has closed

4 aaaaaaaaaaa


1 Mozuku !!
Are you ok? Answer!

2 Mozuku !!


sign hospital
Night clinic

1 I am sorry
2 It was my fault.
3 But I'm happy that you haven't
been burnt seriously

4 Kunato.. he didn't came, as it was
to expected..

5 Nagate? You're ok?
6 an, well then now.


1 Don't be afraid, all of you...

2 I protect you.


1 Thatswhy...
2 you don't need thorns...


1 Shall I cut them all?

2 Would you please stop disturbing me
whilst I am doing telepathy.

3 I am still in rehabilitation.

text End of the 4th volume of Sidonia no Kishi

That will it be for a while.

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