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Devon Kyle

Jun 19, 2013, 8:20:02 PM6/19/13
to eureqa...@googlegroups.com
If I've normalized my input variables during my modeling with Eureqa, does that have any impact when I input new raw input values in the "Quick Evaluate and Predict Values " interface.  I don't need to somehow normalize new rows of data manually before entering them - do I? If not , is Eureqa somehow doing that for me behind the scenes ? Or is it that once the prediction/model is built, normalization is no longer an issue and my new raw data can be at the same non normalized level and my new evaluate / prediction data.
p.s Is there a new updated version in the works (not that there is anything wrong with the current version!) :>

Andrew Lamb

Jul 1, 2013, 4:48:20 PM7/1/13
to eureqa...@googlegroups.com
Short answer: enter raw unnormalized data into the Quick Evaluate and Predict Values interface. The data in that report is normalized according to the same specifications as the data used to find the model.

I did a quick experiment (attached in case you wish to see) with a normalization of Example/100

When I put in a value of Example as 10 into the Quick Evaluate and Predict Values interface and evaluated, the normalization was applied and the normalized value was 0.1:

Inline image 1

Hope that helps,

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