Limit at Infinity Constraints

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Aug 18, 2013, 8:55:58 PM8/18/13
I'm trying to use Eureqa to fit a solution to some x-versus-y data that I have, but based upon my intuition of the problem, I also need the solution to satisfy constraints that aren't properly data points.

Specifically, I need a solution where, as x approaches infinity, y must approach 50 asymptotically.  (That is, y approaches 50, and all derivatives dy/dx, d2y/dx2, d3y/dx3, and so on approach zero as x approaches infinity.  Also, y is never less than 50.)  If it helps, I can subtract 50 from all data points and express the constraint as "the value and all derivates approach zero as x approaches infinity".

Is there a way to get Eureqa to do this?

For those who are curious, the problem I'm trying to solve relates to a computer game and is detailed here: .  As you can see, I have a solid basis for my "asymptote is 50" intuition, but absolutely no idea what building blocks might be involved in the solution.

Thanks in advance!

Michael Schmidt

Aug 22, 2013, 9:47:22 PM8/22/13
to eureqa-group
I posted a couple ideas to do this on the new forums here:

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