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Feb 27, 2009, 8:19:59 PM2/27/09
The Dead Frog
Little boy walks into a whorehouse with a dead frog in one hand, and a
wad of bills in the other. He goes up to the counter and says
" I want 10 minutes with the filthiest, nastiest whore you've got in
here" The lady at the counter says
"How old are you?" The little boy lays 500 bucks on the counter.
She says " First door on your right."
He says, " She has to have herpes and syphillis"
Lady says " I'm sorry but I can't do that"
Little boy slams 500 dollars more on the counter.
Lady says, "Okay, Second to last door on your right."
10 minutes later the little boy comes out, dragging the dead frog
behind him.
As he leaves the lady says "Why are you dragging a dead frog behind
you? And for that matter, why did you want such a filthy whore?" The
little boy says " Well, now that I've got these STD's I'll go home and
screw the babysitter tonight, then when dad gets home he'll screw her
too and he'll get it. Then before dad goes to work he'll screw mommy,
and she'll get it. Then while daddy's at work mommy'll screw that
sonovabitch mailman that ran over my frog this morning!!"

Two redneck boys are sitting in their redneck class one day when they
realize they can see straight up their teacher's skirt and she wasn't
wearing any underwear..

One says to the other "What do you suppose those little
brown things are? They look like raisins. She musta had
raisins at lunch and dropped some in her lap."

The other says "Naw - them's dung balls from the way women
wipe their asses."

"Nope - them's raisins."

Finally, they approach the teacher and ask her. "Johnny says them
around your snatch is raisins and I say they're dung balls from the
you wipe your ass. Which one's right?"

"Neither, replied the teacher kindly. "They're flies."


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