Trying to Edit Listings and Connecting to the OAuth and Getting a Token

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Aaron Jones

Jul 26, 2021, 9:12:03 AM7/26/21
to Etsy API
I've been trying recently to connect to the Etsy API so I can edit a listing. I've been successfully able to use the API to view all of my listings from my shop, but every time I send a request to edit it with my API key I get the following message.

"error""Missing authorization header".

Therefor I thought that the next thing I should do was get my OAuth Token generated. However, I sent a GET request using the following link,, but when I log in it just gives me:

An error occurred

The application that is requesting authorization to use your Etsy account is not recognized.


I've looked into all of the parameters I'm supposed to send, but I'm kind of stuck on what they mean by the code_challenge and code_challenge_method. Does anyone have an experience with this sort of problem, and or am I trying to connect to the OAuth token the wrong way?


David Pierson

Oct 26, 2021, 8:47:02 AM10/26/21
to Etsy API
Updating listings, and other actions such as fetching Transactions, needs OAuth. Yes you will need to obtain token and secret - a one-off task.

I used Dino Chiesa's OAuth solution (written around 2010). I'm in C#. The code includes both the initial one-off stage and the regular every-time authentication.  His is built for Twitter and needed a bit of tickling to convert it to Etsy, but it is very well written. if I can manage that, you are sure to be able to also. If you get stuck, post and we'll try to help out.

Best regards, Dave
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