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Welcome to the Etsy API Developers Mailing List! This is a place where developers using the Etsy API v2 come to talk to each other and to the Etsy API team.

Some rules of the road:

  1. This forum is for any API v2 questions. For any API v3 issues or discussions check out our Github issues page
  2. Questions are encouraged, but please be as detailed as possible. Raw HTTP data is best. Make sure you've read the docs thoroughly first.
  3. Please search the Group before asking your question. Others may have already asked and been given an answer!
  4. Please follow Etsy's general community guidelines. Treat one another with respect and be helpful when you can.
  5. Found a bug in the API? Please report it via the API Bug Report form! (If you're not sure, post here and ask.)
  6. Feel free to show off your apps! One of the best ways for other developers to get great ideas is to see others' ideas in action.
  7. This is an official Etsy mailing list, but is not a support queue - a response to a support question is not guaranteed from Etsy. Feel free to ask, but sometimes we're too busy working on features to respond.