Designer breaks with .Net Standard 2.0

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Erik Ylvisaker

Aug 6, 2019, 12:47:09 AM8/6/19
to Eto.Forms
I'm new to Eto.Forms and I'm trying to setup a project to do some UI for a library I have. The library is a shared project, but some of the code depends on the MathNet.Numerics package. The current version of MathNet.Numerics (4.8.1) is compiled against .NET standard 2.0. If I upgrade the Eto.Forms project to .NET standard 2.0, it compiles and runs but the designer preview in VS crashes with a bunch of error messages about assemblies with the same identity already imported (see screenshot below).

Is there some other way I can structure my projects to avoid this problem? Here's how I have my dependency chain setup currently:

GeneratorExplorer.Desktop (Eto.Platform project)
-> GeneratorExplorer (Eto.Forms project - .NET standard 1.6)
-> Shared Project (uses types from MathNet.Numerics)

I've tried fiddling a bit with having some intermediate project but I haven't found the right combination. I can't reference a .NET standard 2.0 or Framework 4.7 assembly from the .NET standard 1.6. Any suggestions?

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