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The Eternals are a race of genetically enhanced superhumans living secretly on Earth. They were born 5 million years ago as a result of the experiments of powerful celestials. Endowed with incredible superpowers, for millennia they hid from human civilization, secretly protecting people from monstrous deviants. However, the recent events and actions of Thanos have forced them to come to light.

Let it be clear that Zhao didn't have an easy task with this movie. Eternals introduces ten new superheroes to the series, and she had to give each hero a certain amount of development to make the audience care. This is an almost impossible mission to accomplish, and Zhao does his best. Surprisingly, much of this works, as each hero stands out, in part due to the diversity of the cast, featuring different races, genders, sexual orientations and even featuring Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff, a real-life deaf actress. This is an achievement for diversity in cinema, but each character also has a unique set of powers and, in the final act, the characters are making choices that say a lot about who they are and how different some of them might be.
However, the film has so much construction of worlds and characters that the script stumbles from time to time. The film follows two stories, one that takes place centuries ago and the other that takes place after Endgame. Non-linear narrative has been used in superhero movies such as Batman Begins. The problem is that Eternals has so many characters that juggling each new face with a story told out of order prevents certain character moments from having the emotional depth they deserve.
However, the film has some outstanding performances from its cast that make each character stand out. Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) have an investment relationship that is the heart and soul of the film. Kumail Nanjiani steals the show as Kingo, and his subplot around a documentary filmmaker is the film's highlight, allowing for a perfectly timed mood.
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The film mixes its standard “bring the band back together” storyline with vast visuals and high stakes, resulting in a film that generally works but also feels like it's biting off more than it can chew. Despite the novelty of a film that tackles such rich themes and doesn't seem comical at all, the final act of the film still morphs into a bunch of people in funny costumes battling CGI and green screens. Marvel's formula that seems largely absent from the film infiltrates Zhao's vision from time to time to create a film that looks like a huge, flawed spectacle.
Many expected a highly acclaimed director like Chloé Zhao to direct a Marvel movie. Unfortunately, this movie isn't the beautiful marriage of two beloved icons we'd expect. It has its messy moments and compared to the other MCU work this year, this one might be the weakest of them all. However, there is much to appreciate and respect in Zhao's artistic choices. Each visual, combined with Ramin Djawadi's chilling soundtrack, creates a superhero movie for the ages that may be low-level MCU, but remain a powerful and entertaining cinema that will polarize audiences. This is an ambitious and exciting film that misses the mark, but remains on par with what we've seen in a successful movie franchise.
There is a general rule among comic book fans when it comes to the ethos differences between Marvel and DC. Marvel tends to be (comparatively) more grounded and focused on ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances that show their inner hero, while DC is grander and highlights characters who purport to be role models for humanity. The failure to relate to vs. the ideal to aspire to.
Not that any one company has a monopoly on either approach, but as an overview, it can help explain how each company approaches the superhero idea. It might also help explain why Eternals, the latest MCU release, looks so different from almost every other Marvel movie or TV show.
The film itself seems to be aware of the differences it's morphing from, openly comparing one of its main characters to one of DC's biggest names (and for the more geek-inclined, there are other analogues to be found among the main cast. ). But rather than feeling like Marvel is trying to pull it off the competitor's plate, it makes sense as to how the original Eternals came about, with writer/artist Jack Kirby using many of the same building blocks that were used in his New Gods - starring in the Fourth World epic.

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