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Dec 14, 2005, 8:08:29 PM12/14/05
I'm posting this for my son who is traveling this week. - CW

Hello everybody, my name is John Daniel Winters. I am a professional
musician with specific expertise in virtuoso Jazz/Classical acoustic guitar
(ala Al Di Meola, John Mclaughlin, Paco de Lucia, John Williams). I use
Ableton's Live software (along with various looping pedals) to record and
loop my guitar. Progressions, themes and verses played on my guitar are
then manipulated along with percussion and synthesized tones.

I am wondering what everyone's opinions are on this........specifically, I
have not heard many people experimenting with acoustic guitar admixed to
electronic beats; further, I have not heard of many people doing it in live
performance. I know Sasha did some on his Involver album which I loved, but
beyond that I'm kinda at a loss.

If anyone has any thoughts, opinions, comments, ideas, experiences, etc
regarding this I would appreciate hearing from you. My music is available
for listening and download at my website:
also at

Thanks much,

Qualis Artifex Pereo

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