4-word passwords are great but ... so long to type just to sudo a command

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Alphonse Debolazec

Nov 14, 2021, 5:59:55 PM11/14/21
to Errors in Easylinuxtipsproject
Hi, first thanks for your website and I'll contribute asap (I'm so fxxxg broke for now, but being of job gives me time to... improve my Mint skills! Let's stay on the positive side, many many people are in a much worse situation than me). But still, you really deserve it and I will contribute.

Back to the subject: all is said in the title. When I install quite a few things, for example, a MEAN stack or dedicate a few hours to just try a bunch of software I bookmarked... well, I'm fed up using this long password, as well as shorter complicated ones (which are less good and more prone to typos).

I don't see a way out of the conundrum here. Maybe an usb-pluggable biometric device, idk. I'm a common guy, not working on any sensitive matters, no reason to be targeted specifically (not a journalist for ex), I respect the law, my home has never been burglarized in 50 years (family home). Well, so danger is low of a physical access and through the internet, no-fixed ip, I followed your security recommendations ... but so many letters to type for just a sudo ... pfffffff ..... and I type mostly without looking my  keyboard, rather a quick typer.

What's reasonable? When I have an heavy session of installation / configuration etc, I change my password to a much too short one, then change it back to a long one. But ... hum, well, not that great, right.

Well, my lazy (or tired) fingers thank you all in advance for ideas.

Best regards.
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