Trackpad Malfunction w/"Tame Your Mouse and Touchpad" Directions

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May 29, 2019, 5:49:46 PM5/29/19
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I may be in a unique situation. I am running Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE on a 13" 2012 MacBook Pro.

I recently did a wipe and re-install to update to Linux Mint 19, as I was not impressed with utterly frustrating constant trackpad non-responsiveness in Mint 18.

Yesterday, I got back on to this site, and worked through the "10 Things to Do First in Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE", to brush up on what I had done that I liked so much with Linux Mint 18.

Almost immediately, after following the directions for "Tame Your Mouse and Touchpad", I experienced the same freezing of the cursor. Just like it used to do. To the point that even physically clicking it won't do anything.

I realized the Syndaemon may be to blame. I removed it, and have had no issues since.

Has anyone else experienced and resolved issues like that, or have suggestions for how to get that same benefit the Syndaemon offers to "Tame the Mouse" and yet not "put it in the freezer", as it were?

Thank you very much,
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