ERPNext Updates: Warehouse-wise Re-order, Material Request and Performance Issues

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Anand Doshi

Feb 21, 2013, 2:08:29 AM2/21/13
Dear Users,

Today, we are releasing a new feature: Warehouse-wise Re-order Level and Quantity.

  • Warehouse-wise Reorder:
    In the Item form, you will find a new section called "Reorder". You can set a common value for Reorder Level and Quantity and be more specific for a few warehouses by setting these values per warehouse in the accompanied table. 

  • Material Request and auto Re-order:
    A reorder could be for Purchase or for a Transfer of items from one warehouse to another. Hence, we have decided to reuse Purchase Request form and renamed it to Material Request. Material Request can be of type "Purchase" or "Transfer".

    In a Warehouse, if the quantity of that Item goes below the Reorder level, a new Material Request is raised. This is if you have enabled "Raise Material Request when stock reaches re-order level" in Setup > Global Defaults.

  • Important Note:
    The new changes checks re-order levels for each warehouse separately and not for the sum of quantity in all warehouses put together. Hence, you may need to change your re-order levels accordingly.

  • Performance Issues:
    On a side note, we were experiencing performance issues and were almost convinced that we needed to rent a new server to take care of the issues. Thanks to the amazing feedback on the blog, we were able to figure out the problem and solve it without spending on an additional server. If you are still facing performance issues, please inform us.

  • Disable Rounded Totals in Sales:
    We have had this request from a few users. If you want to disable Rounded Totals, go to Setup > Global Defaults and check "Disable Rounded Total". This will hide Rounded Total fields from the form and "Standard" print format. It will also set "Amount in Words" based on "Grand Total" instead of "Rounded Total".

  • Account Inventory Integration:
    We will start working on "Account Inventory Integration" and hope to release it in a week or two. We will be making that feature optional by providing a switch. Also, we won't be patching old entries as it takes the complexity of the project to a whole new level. You will need to manually make accounting entries for past stock transactions. We will elaborate on this later.

Let us know your feedback.

Best Regards,
Anand Doshi.


Feb 27, 2013, 10:35:49 PM2/27/13

I just ran update and still can't see Disable Rounded Total.

Anand Doshi

Feb 27, 2013, 10:52:49 PM2/27/13

Please run update again. It seems that the schema hasn't been synced. 

lib/ ---update origin master

It's likely that you would've encountered an error and hence that patches and sync didn't run. 

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