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Anand Doshi

Sep 10, 2012, 11:57:56 AM9/10/12
Hi everyone,

Our work on ERPNext version 3 is going at a steady pace. Since we are practically rewriting the code of ERPNext, we are taking this opportunity to make our architecture (wnframework) much stronger, faster and more secure. We hope to make ERPNext more scalable as well.

Consequently, the estimated date to its release will have to be extended to January 2013. Therefore, the revamped Production module will also get delayed, as it will be shipped with the new version.

In the meantime, we can take some time out and make small changes in the existing production system, to make it easier for you. Please raise any concerns on the forum, and we will try to implement them in the existing system, if it is feasible to implement it in a short time. Also, we will keep working on bug reports on priority.

Thanks for all your support. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Anand Doshi.


Sep 11, 2012, 1:27:44 AM9/11/12
Hi Anand,

Great to hear about the progress of Ver 3.0, I would like to bring to your notice that currently apart from the manufacturing module there are some major things which are missing in the accounts module as well.

I would try to explain it here as to what problems we are facing in taking our accounting from Tally to ERPNEXT.
  • The P/L and B/S is not possible for a period like if someone wants a financial statement from 01-Apr to 25-Jun then this is not possible, I think a system should be robust enough to provide any kind of reporting and should not be limited by date ranges.
  • Now since we are trying to match our accounts to the ones in tally we are facing some problems like:
    • If we find a difference in B/S's group then we have to go to either trial balance or the export multiple g/l to get the balances of all the accounts under that group
    • Like we had a difference of Rs 80 in a group "Accounts Receivable" in B/S of May-2011 now to find the difference we have to export the whole group for that month which is very tedious and time consuming.
    • The solution for such things can be that we could have links in B/S or P/L for the groups, if we click the group it would give the balances for the accounts under it. Now again if the accounts are further clicked in the report we could get the ledger of that account with date range as option.
    • Currently there is no system in ERPNEXT to check the account balances of a group's constituents on  the screen and exporting, I think, is a much more time consuming process.

I think the above are the points which come to my mind at the moment apart from the ones which are under discussion. Do let me know if the suggestions w.r.t B/S & P/L are even implementable or not.

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