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Aditya Duggal

Dec 17, 2012, 6:28:51 AM12/17/12

Looks like it is some time to give back to the community, I have started to work on the new query reports and I am adding these reports to my system and at the same time I would be posting the same on the forums so that the developers could add those reports into the main product (if needed) and they could also check if the report does not create much troubles with the system.

Btw the below mentioned report has some problem as the width of the last column is not coming as per expected lines.

I would also like to ask here, that is there a way to add these options of query to the static type of reports, where the data is not downloaded on the browser but is fetched from the server. I am asking this because the loading of data on the browser is a great thing for small reports but for big reports like Stock Ledgers etc we should have the static reports only since the data is too big.

 `tabPurchase Order`.name as "PO No:Link/Purchase Order:120",
 `tabPurchase Order`.transaction_date as "PO Date",
 `tabPurchase Order`.supplier as "Supplier:Link/Supplier:180",
 `tabPurchase Order Item`.item_code as "Item Code:Link/Item:150",
 `tabPurchase Order Item`.qty as "Qty:Decimal:10",
 `tabPurchase Order Item`.received_qty as "Received Qty:Decimal:10",
 `tabPurchase Order Item`.uom as "UoM:10",
 `tabPurchase Order Item`.import_rate as "Price:20",
 `tabPurchase Order Item`.description as "Description:300"

 `tabPurchase Order`, `tabPurchase Order Item`
 `tabPurchase Order Item`.`parent` = `tabPurchase Order`.`name`
 and `tabPurchase Order`.status = "Submitted"
 and `tabPurchase Order`.transaction_date <= curdate()
 and ifnull(`tabPurchase Order Item`.received_qty,0) < ifnull(`tabPurchase Order Item`.qty,0)
order by `tabPurchase Order`.transaction_date desc

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