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At Handles Accessories, we want to make it easier for you to find quality door hardware suited to your needs and specifications.

We sell a wide range of door handles and knobs, chains and guards, seals, doorstops, levers, kickplates, and hinges. We also offer mail plates, door signs and numbers, and other door accessories. From cost-efficient to exclusive and top-of-the-range hardware.

From individual pieces of barrel bolts, latches, and bifold to sets of levers and door lock packs. You can order single pieces for specific purposes or clients or order in bulk to update your stock.

We sell a wide variety of door hardware products that you can perfect for classrooms, entrances, and storerooms. You can choose between door hardware and accessories with a gold cover, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, or silver cover. With these choices, it will be easier to find the type and style that looks best with the overall design of the house, office, or building.

You can buy our products for as low as $1. We make sure that we offer the best products at an affordable price.

        Black Door Handles

   Black pull handles

   Black front door handles

Knobs, Levers & Handles:

Knobs, levers, and handles are mechanical components used in a wide range of control, lifting, adjusting, and carrying applications. They come in various types, styles, and materials to suit your needs. RS offers an extensive range of high-quality products from leading manufacturers and, of course, Long Door Handles.

Here at Handles Accessories, we ensure that our products have good quality and meet the appropriate regulations. We sell popular and trusted brands like Brava, Delf, Emro, JMA, Kaba, Legge & Schlage, Lockwood, Madinoz, Nidus, Parisi, Superior Brass, Sylvan, Tradco, Trio, and Zanda. We also stock exclusive brands like d line and Olivari Subversion of traditional styling to explore the handle of the artistic expression, Stainless Steel Door Handles.

Why shop at Handles Accessories?

You can find the things you need stocked in our Sydney stores or place your order in our online store. Designed to last, easy to install and adjust, that's all we have for you. Best of all, you can have your orders delivered to your doorstep for FREE when you buy over $99 worth of products.

The best door handle accessories in Australia

The products you use to secure your home and business matter more than any other fitting. Among these components, door handle accessories can make all the difference in security and aesthetics. Fortunately, Keeler Hardware boasts a massive selection of options for your premises, ensuring you're safe, sound, and on-trend The design of clashing colors is more fashionable Copper door handles.


Browse a variety of door handle accessories online

Many components fall into this category. We have a full range of replacement parts and knobs and handles, allowing you to install robust, secure, and functional parts across the board. Some of the accessories we have available at Keeler Hardware include the following:


Spacer rings

A simple and easy way to add a touch of modern elegance to any home. Our range of spacer rings provides extra thickness when your knobs won't latch onto the entrance. Slide these in place, and they will fill the space and allow for a perfect fit. They are also made from satin and polished chrome, presenting a sleek finish that gives your interiors a modern look.

        Door Pulls 

   Front Door Handles  

   Entry Door Handles  

   Entrance Door Handles  

   Door handle pulls  

   Front Door Hardware

   Door Handles

   Architectural Door Hardware

   Door Hardware


Nidus Door Handles

When you are looking for the right blend of style and function, then the range of Nidus products is the perfect companion for your home. These stylish, Mediterranean-inspired levers allow for easy access to children, and people of all abilities will be able to use them and look great in both new and older-style homes. These designs are crafted from sturdy materials to provide security and look fantastic.


Dummy or Taylor Spindles

Sometimes, you want the knob or lever handle to be fixed in position so it cannot be turned (e.g., On some double doors or cupboards). This is where our Taylor Spindles convert a knob or lever handle into what we typically call a "Dummy Set."  


Safeguard your Property

Security is paramount at every home or commercial property. Keeler Hardware also stocks the best front door locks on the market, so you can be assured that your premises are safe from intruders' attempts. We also stock door hinges for any size, shape, or type of frame so that you can ensure smooth operation at all times.

Keeler Hardware has everything you need regarding the best door handle accessories in Australia – all sourced from leading manufacturers and engineered to stand the test of time. We have various products across traditional, modern lever designs and antique looks; find the most suitable option to suit your home or business now.

Melbourne's largest residential, commercial door, window hardware, and accessories showroom.

Established in 1984, the business has become a stylish retail door and window, hardware leader.

Visit us in-store, as this site is only a small selection of what we have.

About Handles Accessories

Over the years, our qualified staff has contributed experience in building, mechanical engineering, interior design, locksmithing, and consulting. This wealth of knowledge has contributed to the success and direction of the business. Today we are proud to have a team of trained and friendly consultants in our showroom, to advise on your requirements.

Extensive Range of Products

We aim to offer the general public and the building trade a full cross-section of all door and window hardware brands. With such an extensive range of products on display, it is easy to select your hardware needs knowing that you have seen it all.

Door Handles - Accessories

Our door handle accessories include premium privacy locks and escutcheons to match our collections of door handles and create a unified and coherent look for your doors.

If you need a privacy lock to match perfectly with your Forman or Jolie handles, explore the options below or visit our showroom to see and feel the range.

Door accessories. All the necessary door hardware choices to help you complete your project. You will also find items that can help you escape an unusual situation.

Items include:

  • Cover plates/escutcheons
  • Ball catches
  • Bolts of many kinds, such as flush bolts and patio bolts
  • Latches of different kinds
  • Magnetic catches and magnetic latches
  • Thumb turns for locking bathrooms and toilets
  • DDA compliant hardware
  • Rebate kits
  • Dummy spindles to convert lever handles into dummy pull handles
  • Spacer plates for when you have to deal with an existing oversized borehole.

Striker Plate

A strike plate is a piece of hardware that works with a lock to secure a door. Strike plates are installed on the door frame and contain a hole that receives the spring-loaded latch or bolt from the latch or lock.

A few generic types of strikers work with commonly found latches, which are listed below. Striker plates for mortice locks, however, are very specific to the lock they come with and cannot be bought separately.

Some common types of strikers are:

d striker plate

'D' strikers

They are simple to remember as they are named after the shape. These are the most common striker plates used with latches. They are used on timber jambs.

'T' strike plate

'T' strikers

(also named because of its shape) are used mainly for doors that are 38mm thick or more. They are commonly used on steel frames (jambs) such as EzyJambs or commercial pressed metal door jambs.

  • Round striker plate for a drive in latches
  • Round striker plates

Found on doors that have a pre-latched drive-in latch. These are commonly supplied with the door and jamb and are common with off-the-shelf doors. Handles Accessories doors are some manufacturers that use these prehung systems.

Based on the dimensions of these strikers, you cannot change to a different kind. This is because too much patching is required, which is difficult to do.

Click here to see how to install a prehung door system.

  • Electric strike plate
  • Electric strikes

Electric strikes are used for digital access, such as swipe cards, keypads, and the like—these work by having a solenoid that blocks the tongue from moving. When an electric signal is sent, the solenoid pulls back and pushes the tongue open. These are commonly found in offices and entrances to apartment buildings.


Deadlocks are locks that, when in deadlock mode, deny a person from unlocking the lock from either side of the door without using a key or similar.

The idea is that a thief cannot open a door by breaking a window adjacent to it, sticking their arm through the hole, and unlocking the door. If the door has a deadlock, they will still be unable to unlock it unless they have a key. It also prevents a thief from being able to open the door from the inside if they have gained access through a broken window or something similar. This also prevents thieves from opening the door to remove large items.

Deadlocks can be dangerous in the case of an emergency where escaping a building needs to be done with the least amount of difficulty. In this case, the time it takes to find the keys and unlock the door to escape can be quite critical. For this reason, deadlocks are illegal in most countries' main egress doors. For this reason, you need to consult a design professional and your insurance company.

This information is general, and laws or insurance requirements may need to be met.

Some common deadlocks are the basic double-cylinder deadbolt lock shown below and euro-style mortice locks with double cylinders.

Mortise locks black-cylinder

Some deadlocks can have dual functions, such as the Paradigm lock and the 001 deadlatches.

005 paradigm round chrome lock001 Deadlatch

Commercial mortice locks can also be converted to a deadlock when the lockable function is selected on both sides of the lock and a keyed cylinder is used on both sides.

  • Latches are generally not sold with door handles. They need to be ordered separately.
  • Latches come complete with striker plate and screws
  • Latches come in three backsets; 45mm, 60mm, and 70mm. 60mm backset is the standard and by far the most common.
  • magnetic latch white
  • The quality of latches can vary greatly.

One of the more common issues is the quality of the hub. This is the square part where the spindle goes through. The three main materials used are nylon, zinc alloy, and brass. The best quality ones are made of brass, and the least good is nylon.

Many latches today are double-sprung. This means they have springs to help keep a lever handle up and return the latch to the outward position.

Double-sprung latches can be too stiff for round knobs. Round knobs are harder to turn as there is no leverage. If you wish to install round knobs, ensure that the latch you use does not give too much resistance.


Backset is the distance for locks and latches, which measures the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the mechanism.

The most common backset in the industry is 60mm. Many locks and latches also come in various backsets. Below are some standard backsets that can be found in different mechanisms:

  • latches – 45mm 60mm & 70mm
  • deadbolts – 60mm & 70mm
  • euro mortice locks – 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 45mm, 60mm
  • commercial mortice locks – 60mm
  • narrow backset locks for aluminum doors- 23mm 30mm

Our company always maintains originality and a strict attitude. This attention to detail is what makes lock products stand out.

Email: in...@handlesaccessories.com

Mob: +61 414 746 131

Website: https://handlesaccessories.com/


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