Sinan 4.1.0

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Eric Merritt

May 15, 2012, 10:21:08 PM5/15/12

### Greatly reduced startup time

Version 4.1.0 should be about 40% faster to start up then previous

### Release Task Start Option

The release task can now take an optional argument 'start' that will
build the release as normal, but then also start the release for

One thing to note is that you have no ability to interact with the
shell when the release is started this way. I hope to change this in
future versions, but currently that is a limitation.

### Support for Rebar Style Version Control Based App Versions

This supports Rebar style version control tag based versions. This
works for git, mercurial, bazaar, subversion, as well as custom shell

In order to support [semver]( an addition tag of
rm_v is supported. This will allow you to have

    {vsn, {rm_v, <vcs-name>}}.

the rm_v will tell sinan to remove any leading 'v' or 'V' from the tag
if one exists. This lets you tag in your vcs with v<tag> and still
have the version in your OTP app come out as just <tag>

### Misc

* Running shell based hooks should now be more robust.
* Lots of documentation fixes to the online docs.
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