Berlin Erlang Factory Lite 2015 Programme Is Up!

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Nov 13, 2015, 2:48:22 AM11/13/15
to erlang-berlin
The Berlin Erlang Factory Lite programme is looking very interesting! On 1 Dec Berlin will be the best place in Europe to find out more about cool new Erlang and Elixir projects:

Heinz Gies: 'Diabolic Database Design'
Sonny Scroggin: 'Taking Off with Phoenix'
Meike Hecker: 'Don't fear Erlang, fear your Team'
Torben Hoffmann: 'Unleashing the Core Value'
Jörgen Brandt: 'Cuneiform: A Functional Workflow Language Implementation in Erlang'
Thomas Arts: 'QuickCheck Mini for Elixir'
Elba Sanchez and Guillermo Iguaran: 'Design by Contract in Elixir: "Let it crash" meets "It shouldn't crash"
Dennis Meyer: 'RTB and Big Data - where Erlang and Hadoop meet'
Peer Stritzinger: 'From zero to rebar3'

IMPORTANT: The Early Bird registration ends on 19 Nov. Price for one ticket is 89 EUR + VAT. To get a 50% off student discount please email from your university email account.

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