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Jan 6, 2012, 3:37:23 PM1/6/12
to Eric Rohmer for the ages
I recently went to Lincoln Center and saw "A dangerous method," which
is about the friendship/rivalry/breakup of Carl Jung and Sigmund
Freud. It starts with Jung (Michael Fassbender) as a clinic
psychiatrist treating a hysterical (we're talking Exorcist here)
patient played convincingly by Keira Knightley with the "talking
cure," inspired by the work of Freud (Viggo Mortenson). The patient is
cured so well that she goes to medical school and becomes a
psychoanalyst herself. Historians could never be for sure that Jung
had an affair with her after the cure, but the movie has no trouble
taking a stand - the kinky sex here is what is the least Rohmerish.
Jung travels to Vienna to meet Freud, and he is soon anointed to be
Freud's heir apparent. This starts to unravel when Jung begins
investigating paranormal matters - pursuits that Freud thought were
silly, and harmful to their cause. The movie plays a famous scene when
the two men are arguing about this in Freud's study and there is a
loud sharp noise emitting from the book case. Jung says he knew that
was going to happen, and predicted that it would happen again in a few
seconds. It did. With Merchant Ivory looks and an intellectual feast,
this is highly recommended by me.
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