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Feb 13, 2010, 11:44:07 PM2/13/10
to Eric Rohmer for the ages
I found a Chinese blog post with some pictures of Rohmer's gravesite,
if anyone is interested.

I don't know Chinese but it seems in the form of a poem. Google
translate does an okay enough job with the text so I'll post it here
(the mis-translated "fan chen totem" I think refers to the fact that
the cemetary has not become a place like Jim Morrison's grave):

That day is like the movie "The Winter's Tale," the temperature of
Snow with a little warm inside the red
Continuously bow, searching
Rohmer has just finally found buried in the cemetery

In the famous literati prestigious Montparnasse cemetery where
Rohmer's grave, as it cinematic
Avoid exaggeration, and simple low-key, humble itself

Aside all unnecessary religious symbols and Fan Chen Totem
Quiet retreat in the cemetery a very conspicuous place
He simply listed above, whose real name is Maurice Scherer and the
Birth and Death

As if to see every earthly vanity vanity
But would prefer to curry favor with a refusal, without noise,
anonymous stealth, they contend the location itself

Perhaps he knows that the time issue, it is the greatest moral
allegory of life.

Rohmer, good-bye.



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